The Nests and Eggs of Birds of the United States

With these few preliminary remarks, we send this beautiful book out into the world, trusting that it may meet with a cordial reception everywhere. If it be the means of acquainting man with the lovable manners and interesting domestic relations of a few, though not all, of our feathered friends, and of restraining our youth from nest-destroying propensities by offering them pictures of the homes of birds for study and contemplation, and thus abate the evil; or if it add but one new fact to the author’s favorite science of ornithology, or benefit it in any way whatever, he will rest satisfied, and feel that he has not labored in vain.


A very large project for 1882, this book is a full color documentation of several birds that reside in the United States.

Each illustration has an accompanying text that describes the nesting habits and eggs of the species.


Great for birdwatchers and nature lovers. This book is public domain so you may use the illustrations for all your projects!

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