The Most Outrageous Things People Say To Homeschool Moms About Their Kids

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I'm a member of a few great Facebook groups for homeschooling. Not only are they entertaining, but they are a great place to crowd source feedback about curriculum, problems, and life advice. They are also amazing places to find a good laugh!

The other day I read a post that said this:

My father in law told us we needed to stop homeschooling because it was making our kids too smart and people that were too smart committed suicide because they weren't able to relate to other people.

The responses to this comment were pretty great.

I'd ask him how come he was still alive. He'd say what do you mean. Then say well I thought you were a very smart man and you haven't killed yourself.

Shockingly, I've never heard a case in the news that started with - "Man, commits suicide because he is exceedingly smart..."

I was told that I must be crazy to give up my career to homeschool. Then she asked me "how will you find fulfillment and a sense of purpose without your job?" WOW, to think that teaching your own children could possibly give you a sense of purpose or fulfillment?? This person has children herself, which made this even more sad.

What a completely ridiculous statement. But, this is one of many examples of how homeschool moms have to answer the weirdest questions about homeschooling. These aren't the questions you expect, like: 'Are your kids socialized?' - 'How do you teach all the subjects' - 'Do you give out homework?' - 'Do you have snow days?' - 'Will they be prepared for college?'

Here are some more of the weirdest things homeschool moms have been asked!

You shouldn't homeschool your special needs son because he is getting too much attention at home and it won't be that way after you and your husband die.

My mother-in-law said it was sad that my girls wouldn't see their mom having a career and supporting themselves but instead think its ok to be dependent on a man!

A retired public school principal told me the other day by 1st grade a child HAD to be put in a public school because unless the mother was a genius, she wasn't equipped to teach higher level maths.

I was told my children wouldn't be able to function in the public eye, & we were holding them back by forcing them to be homeschooled. If they ever had to get up in front of people, they wouldn't know what to do, being unsocialized. Here is a video of my daughter Mercy (aka Doom Kitty) of the Black Cats performing at the popular Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama to prove how unfounded that accusation was.

My mother in law called cps and said I was neglecting my children because we homeschooled. Cps laughed when they came to our house. We no longer talk to my mil, lol.

I have been told my kids would get more one on one time if they were in public school... to which I went "wait, what?" I still can't figure out what they were getting at.

My neighbor told me that I homeschool so my older kids can babysit my younger kids for me. My Aunt has told me that I homeschool because it's easier than getting my kids up early to put them on a bus.

Back in the '90s my husband's grandfather told the family not to tell anyone that we homeschooled or else I could get arrested. LOL!

A woman at my church was SHOCKED and APPALLED that we homeschooled our kids because they would have "ABSOLUTELY NO immune system."

My personal favorite is "You homeschool so you do not have to work and get a real job." Some statements are just not worth a response.

What is the most outrageously weird question you've been asked about homeschooling? Tell us on Facebook!

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  1. Kym says:

    Someone once wondered how my kids would learn to stand in line and stuff like that if we were homeschooling. I assured the concerned person that I take my kids to fast food restaurants specifically to learn that skill.

  2. Mother of 3 says:

    some of these are quite funny!

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