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Dave Daubenmire: If You Personally Educate Your Children, You Will Create Millionaires

"Get your children out of the government schools, and do it [start homeschooling] now."

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Yesterday, Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire spent most of his morning webcast "Pass The Salt Live," criticizing the public education system. The episode was titled, Public Schools and the Gospel of Government. During his show, he praised homeschoolers and told Christian parents if they're willing to remove their kids from the public school system and educate them at home they'll become millionaires.

If you really love your kids, I’m just going to tell you the truth, if you really love your kids, if you were to personally educate your children, you’re going to create a millionaire because he’s going to be so much smarter than the average person that he runs into. He will be a boss at 18 years old if you will homeschool him and teach him the fear and admonition of the Lord and right and wrong. The world's hungry for that, and we're not finding it.

Below is a clip from the hour-long show that focuses on home education.

Dave Daubenmire has some controversial opinions about the public school systems. He believes the public schools are the arm of education for communism, just like churches are the educational centers for Christianity. He believes it is a system that indoctrinates on "so many levels."

Daubenmire made a pragmatic argument against the "products" of the public school system.

Thirteen years of, “Education” and what? Our kids don’t know any life skills. THIRTEEN YEARS and they know nothing about how to live. They still require training at their jobs. How does this make sense? How is this, “Education”? Government schools are creating cattle to be herded for their own purposes.

This is a message he has consistently preached for many years. Check out this News with Views blog post from back in 2012 where he calls parents to, "begin homeschooling your children."

Daubenmire's show sparked controversy resulting in Right Wing Watch article and an Atheist Blog post.

Daubenmire welcomes feedback and posts his email publicly coach[@]

Published on May 13, 2017 | Updated May 14, 2017

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