Powerful Video Shows Parents The Shocking Differences Between Homeschool Education & Public School

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This short clip (below) from the movie 'Captain Fantastic (watch now),' contains one of the most powerful and moving arguments for home education that I have ever witnessed. The movie itself is extremely polarizing. It would be hard to leave the movie theater with ambivalence, especially if you are a Christian. Many critics have said this movie is destined to become a classic. Personally, I think an open-minded audience will largely declare this film to be 'fantastic.'

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captain-fantasticWhat does this film do best? It compares extremism with conformity in a way that I believe is very fair. The pros and cons of this extremism are well represented. The film is also an in-depth character study, executed by compelling and involving performances. I found that the movie was able to be funny, heart breaking, provoking, uncomfortable, and enlightening. You cannot watch this film without it leaving a lasting impression.

The controversy? When Ben reminds his children that they're not to make fun of anyone, one innocently pipes up, "We make fun of Christians," catching her father in an inconsistency. The main characters raised their children in a "rabidly anti-religious—specifically, anti-Christian—environment."

The Amazon movie description: CAPTAIN FANTASTIC

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, isolated from society, a devoted father (Viggo Mortensen) dedicates his life to transforming his six young children into extraordinary adults. But when a tragedy strikes the family, they are forced to leave this self-created paradise and begin a journey into the outside world that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent and brings into question everything... Read More...

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12 Responses to “Powerful Video Shows Parents The Shocking Differences Between Homeschool Education & Public School”

  1. D. Smith says:

    I think the way they had the ps teens answer was insulting. They'd know better than that by that age.

    • Janett Evans says:

      This movie is about a dad raising them in the woods, that's what the big fear is about the homeschool part is secondary. Having watched the whole movie I liked this scene. There's another scene of them in a dinner and they're amazed everyone is so fat.

  2. Leslie Burch says:

    Its coming out on DVD today!

  3. Melanie Nordberg says:

    DO NOT WATCH THIS!!!!!! It rips on Christians and the kids are stereotypical weird homeschoolers. Not a good film at all.

    • Wufford Mom says:

      This movie isn't child friendly, but come on - its a movie, its a piece of art. You don't have to agree with everything it says to appreciate how well the movie represents the ideas of extremism & conformity

  4. Anon says:

    Why on earth would I want to pay to watch an R rated move that is known for making fun of Christians? I can get that for free on any channel of the TV - and I choose not to. I don't see anything new or edifying in such content - it's been going on since the time of Noah. I'm disturbed that this site would endorse an R rated film - especially one that ridicules Christians.

    • Thanks for your comment! Please note that this was published by author Brett Langford, not the Homeschool Base Staff. We do not endorse the personal viewpoints of our volunteer writer/bloggers. This video clip has been circulating Facebook and so it isn't surprising that one of our volunteers picked it up.

      If you would like to have your opinion of this clip (or anything else homeschool related) published, feel free to contact us with a guest article submission.

    • Wufford Mom says:

      This article never asked you to watch the film..... the YouTube video it talked about is free..... Movies are art - you don't have to like it or agree with it all to find some value or beauty to it.

      Anyways, who cares about the movie as a whole, this clip is great.

    • Josh Snider says:

      Geez, who peed in your cornflakes this morning? No one is telling you to watch the movie and this site isn't endorsing the film. Just enjoy this little YouTube clip like everyone else.

  5. John Kotrosa says:

    If the point of the clip was to show how superior a home schooling environment can be when parents engage in the raising their children, then I agree - we've been raising our two sons likewise and can identify. However, I gather from the other comments that this film portrays a negative light on those who have spiritual beliefs (apparently Christian in this case). That shows that knowledge and wisdom can be fractured in any educational setting. Philosophy (man) vs. Theology (God). When I was a believer in man, I saw hope in the race to better mankind through expanding my understanding of the world and passing all of it on - I loved myself and my technical contributions. Now, as a believer in Christ I find peace in loving the God who created and saved me; and, the urgency to love others and share the peace of Christ with an eternal hope. The perspective that this movie doesn't apparently represent is that while Christian home schools produce kids that demonstrate remarkable knowledge, the manifest difference for Christian educators is to intentionally put God at the center. Humility (bowing to God in fear and admiration) is the key to wisdom and can only be rightly taught by valuing Him, not any man. The fact that our kids may turn out more knowledgeable is more about the failure of the non-home schooled environments. The real difference in in their hearts not their heads – also not articulated I'm betting. Thanks for sharing the clip!

  6. Anon from Facebook says:

    The support of school choice and vouchers may sound good in theory but all it does is drain money away from public schools, further eroding them, and give it to schools that are not held accountable. This is a very bad thing. We desperately need good public education available to all kids, and these policies do exactly the opposite.

    • Ursula says:

      DISAGREE WITH ANON FROM FACEBOOK! Schools should have to compete, just like every other industry. That is what makes schools better. Requiring parents to go to public schools with their tax dollars (rather than have free choice in the form of vouchers) makes them slaves, and their kids slaves. All for the sake of keeping alive a behemoth system that does not help a lot of children. To hell with public schools. The ones that are good will remain; the ones that are bad should perish.

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