The Value of Teaching Kids to Type

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children should learn to type correctly between the ages of 6 and 7.

Over the last decade, the world has become a technology driven place. It has become even more important for children to develop computer-based skills, and technology based skills earlier in life.

Unfortunately for the average U.S. K-12 student, typing is not a priority in the public schools. Their curriculum doesn't introduce keyboarding until the beginning of middle school, and students rarely master it until high school.

In reality, children need this skill long before they reach middle school, so it is important for all parents to teach their children how to type at home.

Learning Typing Skills is a Necessity

Typing introduces skills to children that cannot be learned in any other subject. It also expands upon skills they are already learning in their education. Proficient keyboard skills help students manage the challenging curriculum they face each year, and may even prepare them for the ever-changing graduation requirements nationwide.

Not only are these skills needed in their educational environment, but they are also necessary to play computer games, research information, and write book reports. In order to do these things, children must develop a familiarity of the keyboard, and work on the concept of touch typing.

Since typing is a physical skill, it helps build fine motor skills. Additionally, typing is shown to help many kids increase their spelling ability.

Even if your homeschool limits computer time and blocks computer games, to be successful in the workforce later in life, these are skills your child needs to master sooner rather than later.

When Should Children Learn To Type?

Children should be introduced to the concept of a keyboard around the age of three. This is typically when parents allow their child to start experimenting with tablets and phones. Certain learning websites are now geared toward children around the age of 3, which further encourages parents to introduce their children to the keyboard concept.

Even though most children can navigate the keyboard using the hunt-and-peck method, they need to have refined skills that involve ergonomic hand placement and touch typing style. A child should begin learning the proper method of typing when they are between the ages of 6 and 7 years old, which is when their hands are large enough to navigate the keys.

There are a lot of benefits of your child learning to type. They can develop stronger reading skills, increase their spelling and writing skills, and build better self-esteem. Each of these benefits are the key to unlocking other skills they will need throughout their life.

Research Skills

If your child is able to type efficiently, they will be able to research topics they are already learning in school and homeschool.  This gives them a chance to expand their education on their own terms. I believe keyboard prowess is one of the quintessential skills for promoting a self-driven learning environment in today's world.

Typing also allows students to save time in creating book reports, piecing together PowerPoint presentations, sending emails to family members, and locating appropriate websites online.

Many popular online games for children require user input (text). Unless your child knows how to type, he or she will struggle or be unable to do this. After becoming frustrated, they may give up before reaching their goal.

Free Resources: Teach Your Child to Type

There are a lot of free resources to help your child learn how to type, and have fun while they learn. Here are my top 4 free resources for teaching your child to type in a fun way.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing teaches your child how to type using fun games. It has multiple levels that your child can progress through, ranging from level 1 to Keyboard Ninja.

Keyboard Climber 2

Keyboard Climber 2 is a great game for kids to learn to type. In this game, your child will help their little monkey friend climb out of the bottom of the cave. For every letter they key correctly, the monkey gets a bunch of bananas. If they hit the wrong key, a coconut falls on their monkey friend's head.

Typing of the Ghosts

If you have a kid that has already started their adventure into typing, the Typing of the Ghosts game will help them increase their skills. In this game, your child is being followed by ghosts, if they type fast enough to clear the words on the screen, the ghost cannot get near them.


Do you remember Pac-Man? This game uses the same concept and the same visuals to help your child learn to type. Your child will not use the arrow keys to move Key-Man through the map. Instead, they must type the letters on the map that lead them in the direction they want him to go.

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