Fun Vocabulary Activities to Keep Your Child Interested

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Learning vocabulary words from a textbook may not be as much fun

Whether your child goes to public school or is homeschooled, vocabulary is an important part of their education. Learning vocabulary words in a traditional way is not fun for kids. They need a more hands-on, active approach to this repetitive task.

So, how can you make learning vocabulary fun for your child? By adding fun vocabulary activities to your child's education, you can get them more excited about learning new material. They may even begin to look forward to vocabulary time!

Teaching Vocabulary in Homeschool

If your child does not like learning their vocabulary words by studying or writing them, the traditional approach is not for them. By adding vocabulary activities, vocabulary games, and other physically active ways for them to learn them, you will be doing them a huge favor. Your child will memorize their vocabulary words a lot faster if you allow them to learn by doing.

You are probably wondering what activities you can provide your child to help them learn easier. Let's dive in and see what we can excite them with.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Sushi website

One of the most recommended vocabulary builders online is Vocab Sushi. Not only do homeschool parents and teachers recommend it, the majority of State Departments of Education have mentioned it as the most reliable resource online many times. It is noted as a great resource for children in elementary school, as well as high school students studying for the SATs.

Teach Your Child to Learn Vocabulary

Since learning vocabulary words is required in every subject in order to pass, it is one of the most important aspects of education.

Therefore, you must teach your child how to learn vocabulary words. Not only do they need to learn the word on sight, they need to know and understand the definition of each one. Typically, teachers have students write their vocabulary words and the definition repeatedly until they know them completely.

As a parent, you have the option to teach your child through multiple methods. Not only should they work on their vocabulary words on paper and in the text they read, they should have the ability to learn through interactive games and hands-on learning.

Scrabble is a great way to learn vocabulary words through a fun activity

Vocabulary Activities that Make Learning Fun

No part of learning should feel like torture. It should be approached in a fun way. After all, we want our children to love learning.

Throughout life, they will constantly need to learn new material. If they develop an excitement for learning, they are more likely to approach learning as an adult with a welcoming attitude.

Basic Vocabulary Activities

One of the most popular versions of learning vocabulary words in homeschool is using flashcards. Flashcards not only help your child learn their vocabulary words, they also let you test your child's knowledge of vocabulary. They are also great for reviewing information before tests and exams.

Unfortunately, making these flashcards is not as fun as using them to learn from. You can save some time by making and printing your own using Flashcard Machine or CueFlash.

Vocabulary Words For Kids

If you want to teach your child to give to others, Free Rice is a great place to do this. For every question your child gets right, they donate 10 grains of rice to help end world hunger. While it doesn't seem like much, 10 grains of rice can add up to large quantities quickly as your child builds their vocabulary.

A screenshot of the free rice website vocabulary activity

If you need to find vocabulary lists or spelling words that will challenge your child, Big IQ offers free lists by grade. This can save you a lot of time planning vocabulary lessons for your child's homeschool curriculum.

Vocabulary Games For Kids

If your child learns better through interactive games, vocabulary is the perfect place to use this. offers a lot of interactive games and quizzes that your child will love. offers a wide array of interactive games for your child to learn from. These games can provide hours of entertainment, even after lessons are over.

You can also find great age appropriate games from PBS and Spelling City.

It does not matter what age your child is, you can easily locate great vocabulary words and resources online. These interactive vocabulary lessons are the perfect addition to any homeschool lesson plan, or even as an addition to your child's public school education. Keep learning interesting, your child will appreciate it now, and in the future.

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