Advantages Of Home Schooling

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Homeschooling can work for every child if the parents are dedicated to the whole concept of teaching through homeschooling, providing a unique education for the child and an amazing experience for the parents. Although worthwhile, homeschooling is not an easy option, but it can provide many benefits to both the child and the parents.
So what are the advantages of homeschooling ?

Social Aspects of Homeschooling

Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that socially there are many benefits to being homeschooled. Not all children develop mentally and physically at the same rate, but in a traditional school all those of the same age are put into the same class. When your child is home schooled, age barriers are more easily overcome and he or she can develop friendships with other children of the same intelligence and maturity level, regardless of age. They can choose the people who they interact with socially based on their common interests and are not forced to interact with classmates whom they have nothing in common with. Peer pressure is usually reduced because there are fewer children pressuring your child to dress a certain way, listen to a certain type of music, or think a certain way.

More time available for academic subjects.

Not being tied to a curriculum set up to cater for the needs of a wide range of abilities, personalities and backgrounds means that the parent-teacher can give the child more time to pursue academic subjects ( or sports, art etc) Because of this, children have more of an opportunity to learn, but this is not the only way in which children who are home schooled are able to achieve more academically. Homeschooling also allows students and their parent-teachers to specifically build a program based on that student’s needs. Each child can work at their own pace for every subject, and so have a better opportunity to fully learn that subject before moving on to the next. Testing and grading are optional in home schooling. Many parents argue that this allows their child to experience working for their own satisfaction as opposed to learning just to obtain a certain grade. Homeschooling also gives children the chance to participate in unique learning excursions such as regular field trips, museum and theatre trips and educational games. Learning can be less of a chore and more fun for home schooled students, which makes this a good option for children who have behavioral problems in traditional school settings.

Increases the family bonds.

Homeschooling creates a bond between children and their families. There is usually less sibling rivalry and more sharing of ideas and help. Homeschooled families are often very closely-knit. Parents can also teach family and religious values during educational lessons which may not be normally instilled into a child during school, especially state schools. This can be very beneficial both when the child is young and as the child enters the tough teen years. Because more time is spent with the family as a whole, homeschooling can be rewarding for everyone on every level.

Increases free time available.

Parents choose the curriculum. They are not forced to make their children finish the sometimes pointless homework that is often sent home just to give the required couple of hours homework. They can also allow their children to learn things that they have a particular interest in but are not usually taught in school. The children can learn during the hours when they are at their most receptive, which may not be traditional school hours!
Home school has become a popular choice, as parents want to ensure their children receive the right education without the dangers they face in the traditional schools. For parents with mentally or physically challenged children, homeschooling gives them the opportunity to be part of their learning experience in a safe and loving environment.

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