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Blaise is a student at Florida State University pursing a degree in Urban and Regional Planning. He was homeschooled for most of his childhood and writes about alternative education. He lives in Tallahassee where he just married his college sweetheart.

International Pros and Cons of MOOCs Still Undecided

Posted in News, Online School on June 13, 2017

Massive Online Courses cover many areas of technology

What Is MOOC? MOOC stands for ‘Massive Open Online Courses.' This is an open education system for any person interested in learning a particular subject. These courses can vary from simple cooking to astronomy. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device on which to access it. These days, most are mobile, Read More »

7 Super Easy Science Experiments You Can Do with Items You Already Have

Posted in Science on April 25, 2017

Science Experiments you can do from home

Growing up, some of my favorite science experiments were conducted using ingredients we found around the house and in the kitchen. Although science kits are fun, there's no reason why you can't experiment with stuff you already have. These experiments won't cost you very much and are appropriate for younger (and some middle) children. 1. Read More »

Teaching Your Children Skills They Wouldn't Learn if They Attended a Public School

Posted in Homeschooling on April 18, 2017

Skills you can learn in a homeschool

Homeschooling your children provides you an excellent opportunity to teach them skills that most public schools do not offer. Some of these skills are just hobbies, but some can turn into reasonably profitable, long-term opportunities for you child even after he or she graduates. Gardening Gardening is a lifelong hobby that can also generate some Read More »

6 Tips for Teaching Children to Love Reading

Posted in Teaching on April 5, 2017

How to teach your child to love reading

I have dyslexia. It made reading miserable for years. I only learned to read around the 4th grade. However, when I went to college, I pursued a degree in Literature and now love reading. I can’t promise that your child’s experience will be the same as mine, but I can tell you that with the Read More »