Free Preschool Lesson Plans - Worms

Posted in Animals, Free Use, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Kindergarten, Preschool, Science on August 31, 2017

A cartoon worm eating through an apple

Preschool is a time for learning songs and relating to their environment. These lessons are a lot of fun for children and their parents. Whether you are a homeschool parent or you are just looking for something to keep your child occupied over the summer, the worms lesson is perfect for every member of your Read More »

Free Homeschool Science Lesson Plan – Predator Vs Prey

Posted in Animals, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Science on August 28, 2017

Predator Vs Prey lesson plan for kids

This science lesson will give your child a peek into the predator and prey way of life. I recommend that you present this lesson plan after using my previous lesson plan Free Homeschool Science Lesson Plan - Food Chain of the Animal Kingdom. By helping your child understand the animal food chain, you will reduce Read More »

Free Homeschool Science Lesson Plan - Animal Kingdom Food Chain

Posted in Animals, Creative Commons, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Science on August 27, 2017

African Leopard

The animal kingdom food chain is a fascinating, and slightly gross concept for children to learn. Even though they say ewww about animals eating other animals, they will still find the concept intriguing. This is a two day lesson plan so children have a chance to research the topic on their own, and bring information Read More »

3 Fun Educational Engineering Projects for Kids

Posted in Creative Commons, Elementary, Middle School, Science on July 13, 2017

Middle school students piece together a bridge they've designed using toothpicks and gumdrops.

Have you ever watched kids playing? If you have, you know they are fascinated with the concept of building different items and testing how gravity affects them. They also love taking things apart to see how they work. They were born to be engineers. Research has shown that children learn more effectively if they have Read More »

How a Cat's Eyes Work – Full Lesson Plan

Posted in Animals, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Science on July 6, 2017

High quality cat image

If your children have questioned why the cat's eyes are different, or how a cat's eyes work, or you are looking for an exciting science lesson for them to learn from, this lesson plan. This lesson plan, and all of its components are free and will help your child learn how a cat's eyes work. Read More »

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