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New iPhone/iPad App Teaches Vocabulary Using Latin and Greek Root Words

Posted in Language Arts, Teaching on September 27, 2017

In-app screenshot of Wordcraft

The most engaging way to increase your child’s vocabulary is to tap into the tremendous power of Latin and Greek root words. Learning just a few of these roots can lead to hundreds of new words. There are lots of books and workbooks on the subject, but now there is a fast-paced iPhone/iPad game called Wordcraft that Read More »

Learning to Mother

Posted in Homeschooling, Parenting on September 18, 2017

A mother kissing her daughter's cheek

I believe homeschooling is an ideal environment for children to learn mothering. My mother had six siblings. My dad had four. They grew up in culturally disparate neighborhoods in Toronto during the war, one Italian, the other Irish. They played mostly with their cousins who resided on the same street. My nonna lived on the Read More »

The Advantages of Multigenerational Homes 

Posted in Homeschooling on September 16, 2017

Old photo of a multigenerational household

There is a funny new sandwich in town – the filling’s a generation which has to care for both its children and its parents – the ‘sandwich generation!’ When such a situation arises, many ‘carers’ prefer to have all generations under one roof as it makes it easy for them to care for both their Read More »

How Group Messaging Apps Help Homeschoolers Connect

Posted in Homeschooling on September 9, 2017

An Apple iPhone

Most teens crave and enjoy having a variety of friendships to nurture and be involved in, both in school and out. Not only do these friendships build social awareness, but having different groups of people to lean on builds trust in others and confidence in self. As a homeschool parent, you know it can be Read More »

How Positive Reinforcement Can Radically Improve Your Child's Behavior

Posted in Parenting on August 30, 2017

A positive, happy image with mother and daughter

As parents, there are times when it can feel like all we do is discipline our offspring, but do we ever stop to think about why we are really doing it and what discipline is? The purpose of disciplining a child isn’t punishing them for misbehavior; rather, we use discipline as a tool to get Read More »

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