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Homeschool Alumni Interview: "Learning is a lifestyle"

Posted in Homeschool Voices on April 4, 2017

Learning is a Lifestyle

My name is Justin Dew. I’m 23 male, agnostic, and I live by myself. I’m live in Michigan. I graduated high school in 2012. You can find me on Twitter and a Instagram. I homeschooled from Kindergarten, which I started when I was seven, until Junior Year in High School, which started when I was Read More »

Homeschool Alumni Interview: Successful, Underachieving D1 College Athlete

Posted in Homeschool Voices on April 3, 2017

Homeschool Interview with a D1 Athlete

Luke is a 22-year-old, middle-class, Caucasian male from the southeastern United States. He has several athletic achievements, before college (in club competition) and during his college career. Academically he earned several places on his university’s dean’s list. Luke was homeschooled all the way through, K-12. He reported that his homeschooling method/philosophy was eclectic (eclectic method). He Read More »

'Password' to Success? A Story of a Cheating Homeschooler

Posted in In Their Words on April 3, 2017

True Story of a Homeschool Student who cheated

Being home-schooled has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage for me was that I was constantly alone while working, including without oversight from my teachers -- who in this case, were my parents. My mother was working, and though my father was a disabled “stay at home dad,” he was never awake when I was Read More »

Homeschool Alumni Interview: Don't homeschool to avoid the world

Posted in Homeschool Voices on April 3, 2017

In Their Words Interview: Strongly Anti Homeschool

I am currently 22, a white female in Texas. I was homeschooled my entire life, through 12th grade. Personally I have no religious affiliation and am the only person in my household. I am still in the $20,000-$30,000 annual range financially. I attended Texas Lutheran University where I studied Communications Studies and graduated with honors. I am Read More »

What Does A Charlotte Mason Education Include?

Posted in Charlotte Mason on March 27, 2017

Charlotte Mason education includes real-life experiences

Charlotte Mason had a name for her educational process. She called it the "Science of Relations." This Science of Relations was a series of relationships formed by the student as he or she became skilled in a wide range of subjects. Let's hear it in her own words. Charlotte Mason developed a philosophy that modern Read More »