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Kelsey Gilbert is a homeschool graduate from a class of seven siblings. A former newspaper reporter and community editor, she now works as a freelance writer and stay-at-home mama. She and her husband live near Colorado Springs with their three future homeschoolers.

How to Start Eating Healthy Without Going Crazy

Posted in Lifestyle on April 8, 2017

Start eating healthy

I already can’t keep up with all I’m “supposed to” do. So when I hear that I also need to cut all sugar from my diet, and anything canned, and everything plastic, and—well, it just makes me throw my silicone spatula in the air and scream, “What on earth can I cook?” Of course, I Read More »

The Case for Reading: My Library-Shelf Education

Posted in Teaching on April 7, 2017

Education from Just Books

I’m grateful for my bookish childhood. We watched almost no TV. On a typical day, after doing chores, math, and other schoolwork for a few hours, my siblings and I had the rest of the day practically to ourselves. I chose to fill those hours with books. And although they were usually fiction, my books played Read More »

Let Go of Productivity and Love Those Kids

Posted in Parenting on April 6, 2017

Love your kids and let go of productivity

I’m addicted to finishing things. It’s both a rush and a relief. But nobody told me that these little people called kids would make a life goal of interrupting every single thing I do — from showering to reading even a single sentence. My three young children soak up every drop of attention I give Read More »

How to Find a Field Trip Anywhere

Posted in Homeschooling on April 5, 2017

How to find a field-trip anywhere

Depending where you live, the variety and abundance of museums alone can provide years’ worth of ready-made field trips. Even so, don’t limit yourself to museums and monuments. The world of field trips is as broad as your imagination. Even if you live in a small town, there is plenty going on everywhere you look. Read More »

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