How to Start Eating Healthy Without Going Crazy

Baby Steps to a Better Diet
By , on April 8, 2017 - Lifestyle

Start eating healthy

I already can’t keep up with all I’m “supposed to” do. So when I hear that I also need to cut all sugar from my diet, and anything canned, and everything plastic, and—well, it just makes me throw my silicone spatula in the air and scream,

“What on earth can I cook?”

Of course, I want to cook healthy, nutritious meals for my family. But the sheer amount of good-for-you food advice out there makes me want to curl up on my kitchen floor and eat Oreos for dinner.

Luckily, I’ve found a better option.

Make One Small Change At A Time

Changing every bad eating habit, all at once, is overwhelming. But when I give myself grace—and time—I can make those changes, one thing at a time.

Say it again: One thing.

8 Ideas For Eating Better

Here are a few “big ones” that are easy but important. Just pick the one that’s the easiest, or makes the most sense for your family.

Go Whole Wheat

Start buying whole wheat products. Replace half of the white flour in your recipes with whole wheat. It will take time to adjust to the flavor and texture, but ease into it, and be patient.

Buy Organic Meats and Dairy

If you buy nothing else organic, at least get organic meats and dairy products. Non-organic animal products are among those most negatively affected.

Avoid High-fructose Corn Syrup

Don’t fritter away your life reading ingredient labels, but here one big, bad ingredient to watch for: High fructose corn syrup. In a nutshell, it’s known to cause obesity, heart disease, liver failure, cancer, dementia, and other health issues—even when used in moderation.

Buy Store Brand Organics

More and more grocery stores are integrating a generic or store-brand organics line. While more expensive than non-organic, they’ll still save you money over name-brand organics.

One Fruit or Veggie Per Meal

I know, it’s not the recommended 9 servings, but it’s a good start. Eat a banana with breakfast, strawberries with lunch, and microwave a bowl of fresh broccoli for dinner. Keep interesting new fruits in a bowl on the table or counter—when you make it fun and convenient, you’ll eat more.

One, Two, Three, Non-GMO

Keep it simple with this short list of three of the worst genetically modified foods (avoid these, or buy them organic or non-GMO):

  • Canola oil
  • Corn
  • Soy

The World of Plastic

Don’t quit reading yet. I still have my plastic spatula. But I’ve done these two things: I don’t microwave anything plastic, and I avoid BPA. (Quick tip: If it’s hard, clear plastic and it’s dishwasher safe, it’s probably BPA).

Drink More Water Without Dying of Boredom

Yes, it’s water. But you can still make it interesting:

  • Buy fun new water bottles or glasses for each family member.
  • For kids, add fun straws.
  • Try adding flavor: lemon, cucumber slices, or fruit.
  • Make it into tea (decaf).
  • Use an online calculator to find out each person’s ideal water intake, and make a contest of getting your daily water quota.
  • Research the benefits of drinking water—it can to help motivate you.

Pick One and Go

Pick one of these options and add it to your next grocery list, one at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be shopping the health food store like a pro.

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  1. Layla Andrews says:

    Yes! Buy organic meats and dairy products and grow the rest!

    • Kelsey Gilbert says:

      Good idea! I have yet to go full-scale gardener. Someday... 🙂 Still incorporating one little thing at a time.

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