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Kelsey Gilbert is a homeschool graduate from a class of seven siblings. A former newspaper reporter and community editor, she now works as a freelance writer and stay-at-home mama. She and her husband live near Colorado Springs with their three future homeschoolers.

Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids - Fun Ways to Stretch Your Mind

Posted in Homeschooling on August 16, 2017

List of Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids

The summer months are filled with fun and time away from school work. One fun way to keep your brain active during the months off is with riddles and brain teasers. Here are some of my favorite classic puzzlers to try out with your family. This page is broken up into two sections. First, all of the Read More »

How to Spoil Your Children in 10 Easy Steps

Posted in Parenting on July 30, 2017

Ways that you can spoil your children

Every perfect parent wants a spoiled child. Here are some tried-and-true methods for raising a brat. 🙂 What Will Spoil a Kid 1. Don't Discipline at All The easiest way to spoil your kids is to steer clear of all discipline. That's right: No consequences, no expectations, no saying “no.” If you must use discipline, remember: Read More »

A Big Bunch of Brain Breaks - Brain Break Ideas for Every Scenario

Posted in Teaching on July 16, 2017

A huge list of brain breaks for the home, classroom, individual, or group

If your child has “the wiggles” and can’t focus on schoolwork, give them a “brain break!” Science has proven that taking short movement breaks every 25-30 minutes makes students more efficient, helping regain focus and alertness. For more information see the importance of brain breaks. Need a quick list of brain break ideas to get started? Read More »

The Importance of Family Involvement: Babies Learn Best at Home

Posted in Parenting on June 25, 2017

Mother educating her two children

Study after study demonstrate the incredible importance of early childhood development— especially the role that family members play—in shaping a child from the earliest years. The examples and studies are numerous enough to fill out a four-year college degree (or more), but following are a few key facts. The Youngest Years are Vital The first Read More »

50 Ways to Teach Your Preschooler without a Curriculum

Posted in Homeschooling on June 20, 2017

50 Ideas for Teaching Preschool without curriculum

During preschool, your child's brain grows explosively. Learning isn't limited to a few dedicated hours of curriculum-driven activity. Even play is learning. Watch for ways to help them learn all day long. Alphabet Letters and Sounds 1. Form letters with playdough. 2. Sing the ABC song when you wash hands. 3. Play with foam or Read More »

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