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Kelsey Gilbert is a homeschool graduate from a class of seven siblings. A former newspaper reporter and community editor, she now works as a freelance writer and stay-at-home mama. She and her husband live near Colorado Springs with their three future homeschoolers.

9 Homemade Fidget Toys, Tricks, and Alternatives

Posted in Lifestyle on June 17, 2017

9 different do it yourself fidget toy ideas

What are fidget spinners and toys? Basically, a fidget toy is a pocket-sized device you can discreetly pull out and spin, twist, or otherwise manipulate. Proponents of fidget toys claim that they relieve stress and help students focus. Others say it simply distracts. Either way, they're fun, and, like "Brain Breaks," can provide a needed break Read More »

The Top History Series for Kids

Posted in Reading Lists and Book Lists on June 10, 2017

Native Americans in the United States kid's history

History Series for Kids The best way to get your kids hooked on history is by introducing them to great books. There is nothing more rewarding than watching your kiddos blow through entire book series because they just can't get enough! Below are my top choices for young readers. Dear America and My Name is Read More »

Brain Breaks Q&A: Surprising Science Behind "Getting the Wiggles Out"

Posted in Teaching on June 5, 2017

Brain Breaks stop you from pulling your hair out!

Buzzword alert! Chances are, you've heard of "brain breaks." And unless you've done a good deal of research yourself, you probably have some unanswered questions. This article will provide a question and answer session that will introduce you to the popular focus and engagement activity. Q: What is a Brain Break? A: “Brain Breaks” are Read More »

How to Homeschool Preschool

Posted in Just Starting Out on May 24, 2017

Teaching a preschooler

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for enrolling your kids in preschool, but fear is not one of them. You can do this. In fact, all legitimate reasons aside, your preschoolers need you to teach DIY preschool. Believe it or not, preschoolers often do better in a loving, supportive, engaging home environment. Benefits of DIY Read More »

A Helping Hand: Homeschool Community Service Ideas for All Ages

Posted in Homeschooling on May 13, 2017

Homeschool families engaging in community service

One great way to develop an attitude of service in our children is through regular, intentional community service. Opportunities extend far beyond serving at a soup kitchen or picking up litter. Here are just a few ideas for homeschool kids and families to help out in their communities. Time and Elbow Grease Sometimes you just Read More »