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Melodee is a youth and children’s minister in the United Church of Canada. She has over 30 years experience working with young people. Melodee is married to a minister and has two grown children and two grandchildren. She has a certificate in youth ministry from Princeton.

What Schools (and Parents) Are Not Teaching Kids

Posted in Parenting on October 6, 2017

What Schools (and Parents) Are Not Teaching Kids

Today’s youth are a wonderful generation with kind hearts and big dreams, just like everyone that has gone before them. However, I feel that families and the education system are both failing to prepare them for the practicalities of life and robbing them of a sense of competence. I thought I had brought up our Read More »

Social Media and Splintered Personalities

Posted in Homeschooling on October 2, 2017

More concerned with social media and photos than real life

Integrity is something I try to focus on with the youth and kids in my programs. I don’t merely zero in on truth-telling but on truth-being. In today’s world, they can be entirely different people on any platform from Snap Chat to Facebook to Instagram. I encourage them to be the same person -- to Read More »