263 Best Selling Health & Fitness Courses from Udemy

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263 Health and fitness courses

This is a huge searchable list of best selling and highest rated Udemy courses in the Health and Fitness niche.

Use these classes as a PE, elective, supplements, or just for fun! Make sure to comment if you've used one.

Best health and fitness courses

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CategoryTopicCourseEnrollmentAvg RatingPublishedUpdated
General HealthSleepLearn Optimal Sleep to Improve Your Health, Energy, and Mind219414.143/24/20137/18/2015
Self DefenseClose CombatLearn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat163554.635/6/20143/1/2017
Self DefenseSelf DefenseLearn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat163554.635/6/20143/1/2017
FitnessAb ExercisesThe Secret to Six Pack Abs: Get Shredded Abs in 60 min/week135934.0111/26/201412/16/2016
MeditationMeditationMeditation for Beginners: How to Meditate Deeply & Quickly124264.518/26/20153/6/2017
FitnessTestosteroneAlpha Status: Triple Your Testosterone and Become Superhuman85034.463/11/201512/16/2016
YogaYogaSounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening73184.673/17/20167/19/2016
Mental HealthAdhdMaster Your ADHD Brain!68224.2811/13/20138/18/2015
FitnessKettlebellLose Weight and Eat What You Want. Lose weight w/Kettlebells63634.595/27/201512/16/2016
Self DefenseSurvival SkillsSurviving Doomsday: Learn The Secrets Of Urban Survival62623.751/4/20152/4/2017
FitnessWeight LiftingWeight Lifting, Training & Nutrition - Get Ripped, Lose Fat59184.811/19/20151/19/2016
Safety & First AidNatural MedicineNatural Remedies: Learn how to Cure Common Illnesses Fast57974.15/25/20152/4/2017
FitnessAb ExercisesSix Pack Abs Masterclass: Lose Those Last Few Inches of Fat57923.847/6/20152/23/2016
YogaTeacher TrainingTotal Transformation Yoga Teacher Training: Anatomy & Flow!52594.25/11/201412/8/2016
YogaYogaTotal Transformation Yoga Teacher Training: Anatomy & Flow!52594.25/11/201412/8/2016
SportsTennisElevate Your Tennis Game: Learn from Champion Andre Agassi51474.421/27/20171/27/2017
Self DefenseSelf DefenseAdvanced Close Combat Training: Scientific Self Defense46294.895/29/20149/30/2014
Self DefenseClose CombatAdvanced Close Combat Training: Scientific Self Defense46294.895/29/20149/30/2014
FitnessHome WorkoutFat Loss for Guys: Get Ripped and Workout at Home43024.413/31/20164/26/2016
FitnessFat LossFat Loss for Guys: Get Ripped and Workout at Home43024.413/31/20164/26/2016
Safety & First AidSurvival SkillsBasic Survival Skills : Live The Survivalist Lifestyle403545/25/20152/4/2017
DanceBreakdancingLearn How to Breakdance and Rule The Dance Floor39394.57/14/20143/14/2016
Mental HealthCognitive Behavior TherapyIntroduction to CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy37524.399/5/201412/31/2016
OtherHypnotherapyCertificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy37444.373/18/20148/29/2016
General HealthBack PainNo More Back Pain: Exercises, Nutrition Secrets and Massage!35883.7512/28/20157/13/2016
FitnessPain ReliefLower Back Pain: Relaxation and Therapeutic Exercise35854.424/19/20164/18/2016
General HealthDiabetesHow To Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes Naturally and Easily32454.52/4/20162/10/2016
FitnessFitnessClose Combat Fitness: Ultimate 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout30614.449/25/20149/25/2014
FitnessHome WorkoutClose Combat Fitness: Ultimate 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout30614.449/25/20149/25/2014
NutritionJuicingHow to Make The Perfect Green Smoothie28824.357/4/201412/13/2015
SportsTennisHypnosis for Playing Tennis like a champion Guided Hypnosis28634.335/17/20155/16/2015
General HealthSpiritual HealingSounds True Presents: Qi Gong for Health and Healing28474.686/25/20146/6/2014
General HealthQi GongSounds True Presents: Qi Gong for Health and Healing28474.686/25/20146/6/2014
FitnessTestosteroneBecome a SuperHuman: Naturally & Safely Boost Testosterone26914.77/21/20168/16/2016
Self DefenseBoxingBoxing Mastery: Learn from a Trainer of Champions25254.678/17/20159/3/2015
NutritionNutritionThe Complete Meal Planning Mastery Course 201724434.446/21/201612/8/2016
DanceDanceDance Floor Confidence | How to Dance at a Club - for Men24074.611/29/20148/1/2016
General HealthPosturePosturecise - How To Create A Healthy Posture Habit For Life23014.829/10/20141/19/2017
Mental HealthAcupressureReiki and Acupressure for Anxiety and Depression22854.621/4/201610/4/2016
Self DefenseSelf DefenseLearn how to save your life in 60 minutes using self defense22724.253/11/20133/10/2014
Mental HealthCognitive Behavior TherapyCBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks22114.156/13/201612/31/2016
DanceHip Hop DancingHip Hop Dance For Beginners21584.63/24/20159/28/2016
Mental HealthRebtREBT – The Modern Effective Therapy System21354.6710/7/20163/18/2017
SportsTable TennisTable tennis for beginners21254.51/26/20152/10/2017
DietingFastingLose Belly Fat Fast - Using Real Food WITHOUT Torture Diets!21204.22/7/20168/4/2016
Safety & First AidEmergency MedicineDisaster Planning20344.0510/24/20146/4/2015
General HealthMassageAward Winning Isla Verde Spa Relaxation Massage Masterclass20164.6910/21/20143/20/2017
Mental HealthSelf HypnosisLearn Self Hypnosis to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind19743.78/27/20148/30/2014
FitnessPull UpBeginners Pull Up Tutorial: Develop an Impressive Upper Body18664.556/29/20156/27/2015
General HealthBody Mind FlowBest Sleep You Ever Had: Boost your Health, Energy and Mind17754.6210/24/201512/29/2016
General HealthHealthBest Sleep You Ever Had: Boost your Health, Energy and Mind17754.6210/24/201512/29/2016
DietingFastingThe Ultimate Intermittent Fasting & Fast Weight Loss Course!15334.1911/21/20162/23/2017
FitnessMuscle BuildingScience-Based Bodyweight Workout: Build Muscle Without A Gym14974.6611/7/20161/22/2017
FitnessHome WorkoutScience-Based Bodyweight Workout: Build Muscle Without A Gym14974.6611/7/20161/22/2017
Self DefenseClose CombatElite Close Combat Training: Bullets, Bats & Blades13864.5510/3/20146/2/2015
Self DefenseMartial ArtsElite Close Combat Training: Bullets, Bats & Blades13864.5510/3/20146/2/2015
NutritionBinge EatingHow to Stop Binging12514.4612/24/20137/30/2016
SportsJugglingHow to Juggle 3 Balls and do 20+ tricks.12384.759/25/20159/27/2015
NutritionHealthy EatingChange your food Change your sex12354.5310/13/201611/12/2016
NutritionSexChange your food Change your sex12354.5310/13/201611/12/2016
FitnessMuscle BuildingProject Muscle Gain - Build Yourself11824.6810/14/201611/6/2016
DanceSalsa DancingLearn SALSA in 5 Hours and Dance Your Way to Fun & Excitement!11594.878/27/20118/27/2011
MeditationAshtanga YogaAshtanga Yoga: The Traditional Practice11504.856/7/20161/18/2017
DancePoi SpinningPoi Dancing: The Beginner Series11254.919/23/201410/26/2015
Self DefenseGrapplingElite Close Combat Training: Guerrilla Grappling11113.99/29/20149/29/2014
General HealthPostureImprove Your Posture Now and Get Rid of Your Back Pain!11104.910/18/20133/21/2017
MeditationLoving KindnessLoving-Kindness Meditation : How to Create Inner Peace10874.6610/29/201510/27/2015
MeditationZenThe Zen Entrepreneur: Less Stress, More Productivity & Focus10834.311/9/20151/15/2016
SportsGolfThe Complete Golf Guide10754.577/15/20158/5/2015
NutritionGluten Free Cooking And Baking101 Strategies for the Gluten-Free Business Traveler100652/15/20162/14/2016
Mental HealthMental HealthUnderstand Mental Illness9904.331/5/20171/4/2017
SportsStrength TrainingStrength Training for Ice Hockey9424.651/25/20162/15/2016
YogaAshtanga YogaIntroduction to Ashtanga Yoga: Power, Breath and Control9414.358/8/20128/8/2012
General HealthWing ChunWing Chun Sil Lim Tao9324.726/17/20143/28/2016
General HealthHerbalismHerbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making7954.8110/27/201611/27/2016
Mental HealthAnxietyCBT4PANIC. Cure Panic & Anxiety attacks fast7874.556/2/201510/12/2015
NutritionJuicingWheatgrass: How to Grow and Juice A Superfood in 7 Days7804.712/5/201612/7/2016
General HealthHerbalismHealth & Wellness with Kitchen Herbs & Spices7554.810/27/201512/1/2016
OtherNootropicsLimitless: How Nootropics Can Enhance Your Brain Function7444.352/17/20162/18/2016
General HealthRelaxation TechniquesHow to Relax and Destress Without Drinking Alcohol7424.636/15/20166/17/2016
FitnessKettlebellIntro to Kettlebells & Bodyweight Training7384.952/11/20155/5/2015
Safety & First AidFirst AidHow to Save a Life7274.782/12/20172/8/2017
SportsBoxingLearn "Dirty" Boxing For Street Self Defense7194.46/18/20156/17/2015
FitnessPilatesPilates: A New Body in 30 Sessions7034.811/2/20151/29/2016
General HealthNatural PharmacyGrow Your Own Natural Pharmacy6864.613/3/20153/19/2015
General HealthBack PainHow to fix your own back pain and sciatica6844.429/10/20142/1/2017
Self DefenseMartial ArtsMuay Thai Ultimate Fights67659/5/20162/7/2017
Mental HealthCognitive Behavior TherapyCBT for Psychosis6684.456/1/20157/30/2016
DanceBreakdancingHip Hop Dance Foundation - Breakdancing66351/2/20152/8/2015
Self DefenseKrav MagaKrav Maga Viper - Self Defense System (volume 1)6624.155/4/20165/2/2016
General HealthNeck PainHow to fix your own neck pain65159/27/20142/1/2017
SportsSkateboardingTrick Tutor- Beginner Skateboarding Lesson Online6364.311/26/20131/4/2017
YogaHot YogaHot Yoga Express6304.8711/13/201611/13/2016
DancePoi SpinningPoi dancing - beyond the basics6194.919/26/20142/12/2017
SportsSports BettingSports Spread Betting for Beginners6163.937/27/20147/27/2014
SportsSports BettingSports Betting Crash Course5993.073/9/20143/9/2014
NutritionAlkaline DietThe 7 Keys To Extraordinary Health With The Alkaline Diet5994.831/21/20161/1/2016
General HealthNeck PainNeck Hump| How to Get Rid of the Fat at the Top of Your Back5894.556/10/20167/26/2016
DanceStreet DancingLearn how to street dance - Slides and Glides (Moonwallking)56454/20/20134/20/2013
YogaMassageLearn Thai Yoga Massage5524.751/21/20132/10/2013
NutritionNutritionEat Real Food: How to Eat a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet5494.542/17/20165/9/2016
NutritionHealthy EatingEat Real Food: How to Eat a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet5494.542/17/20165/9/2016
FitnessBody BuildingBodybuilding Masterclass: Build The Ultimate Male Body5414.659/7/201610/11/2016
Self DefenseTaijutsuTaijutsu Fundamentals5414.412/22/20135/15/2014
General HealthTestosteroneTestosterone Hacking: Naturally Increase Your "T"5294.510/3/201310/3/2013
FitnessRunningUltimate Guide to Running - for beginners to experts5264.259/28/201510/24/2015
FitnessBody BuildingBodybuilding for Beginners - Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Get Abs5252.83/31/20153/30/2015
DanceBalletBallet and Games for Children5254.85/31/20165/31/2016
Safety & First AidFirst AidHome Health with Herbal First Aid525511/1/201511/18/2015
Safety & First AidHerbalismHome Health with Herbal First Aid525511/1/201511/18/2015
General HealthTai ChiTai Chi - Yang style- Chi Kung5244.86/26/20146/10/2016
YogaBody BuildingYoga for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Body Building5194.91/25/201510/27/2016
Mental HealthSobrietyHow to get sober5144.8512/4/201412/22/2014
General HealthMedical TerminologyMedical Terminology for Regular People51156/1/20166/1/2016
General HealthThai MassageThe Award Winning Isla Verde Spa Thai Massage Masterclass5034.712/8/20162/1/2017
FitnessFoam RollingLearn How to Foam Roll to Prevent and Alleviate Injury5034.65/21/20145/21/2014
OtherPodal ReflexologyPodal Reflexology Massage4954.755/12/20147/16/2014
General HealthAromatherapyAromatherapy Formulation Secrets, Revealed4924.416/10/20152/22/2016
General HealthBalance ExerciseBalance Exercise for Beginners4884.551/11/20164/12/2016
Safety & First AidSurvival SkillsEssential guide to survival in the wilderness with nothing4664.556/7/20146/12/2014
Mental HealthNeuroscienceSounds True Presents: The Neuroscience Training Summit4574.158/26/20169/29/2016
NutritionDietingOptimize Metabolism with Fun Cheat Days and "The Cycle Diet"4454.712/21/20151/19/2016
OtherEnvironmental ScienceThe Environment in El Salvador.4393.95/3/20166/1/2016
General HealthMedical TerminologyLearn To Speak "Medicine" And Start Your Healthcare Career4364.356/10/20156/10/2015
NutritionHealthy EatingEssentials of Green Smoothies4294.811/9/201511/6/2015
FitnessFitnessUltimate Figure Women's Weight Training Program and Workout4224.6510/22/20153/3/2016
FitnessWeight LossUltimate Figure Women's Weight Training Program and Workout4224.6510/22/20153/3/2016
General HealthAyurvedic MedicineAyurveda Basics4134.528/5/20141/27/2016
SportsGolfThe Perfect Golf Swing - Timeless Golf Instruction4064.683/19/20133/15/2013
FitnessFat LossFat Loss 40 Solution - Bodyweight Workouts, No Torture Diets3954.33/29/20168/4/2016
Self DefenseWing ChunWing Chun Self Defence3894.856/22/20144/26/2016
Self DefenseHuman RightsSexual Harassment Prevention for Employees3784.085/8/20155/8/2015
NutritionAnti AgingAnti Aging Strategies Doctors Don't Talk About3664.312/1/201512/2/2015
Mental HealthDyslexiaDyslexia Therapy for Self Help or as a Career3643.556/6/201612/31/2016
General HealthAlcoholismHow to Stop Drinking Alcohol3374.533/24/20163/27/2016
DanceBalletLearn The Fundamentals Of Ballet3354.81/28/20151/31/2015
OtherSports MassageAward Winning Isla Verde Spa Sports Massage Masterclass3264.614/19/20162/1/2017
General HealthPostureScoliosis Exercises You Can Do From Home3074.869/16/20169/24/2016
Mental HealthAuditory Processing DisorderLiving and Growing with Auditory Processing Disorder3014.4512/5/201312/2/2013
General HealthShoulder PainHow to Fix your own Rotator Cuff and Shoulder pain2964.222/25/20152/1/2017
DanceHip Hop DancingThe Complete MEGA JAM Hip Hop Dance Class2944.765/9/20165/12/2016
Mental HealthAdhdLearn to Thrive with Adult ADHD2904.755/13/20155/13/2015
Self DefenseDojoRunning A Dojo2844.851/11/20131/24/2016
General HealthAcupressureAcupressure and Meridian Massage Techniques (CEU)2844.4511/4/201310/8/2016
General HealthMassageAcupressure and Meridian Massage Techniques (CEU)2844.4511/4/201310/8/2016
DietingVegan CookingHealthy oil-free cooking for the hungry vegan2774.86/7/20166/18/2016
FitnessRunningHow to Run using the Pose Method2684.77/31/20149/23/2015
General HealthInjury RecoveryDiastasis Recti Recovery System2674.4610/14/201610/26/2016
General HealthAromatherapyAromatherapy Basics2664.682/1/20142/13/2014
General HealthMoxibustionThe Healing Art of Moxibustion For Beginners2634.812/5/201412/9/2014
SportsSoccerThe Ultimate Soccer Guide | Play Like A Pro Soccer Player2514.657/14/20147/10/2014
DanceStreet DancingHow to Street Dance: Popping 1 - For Complete Beginners2504.563/25/20153/25/2015
OtherHipaaHIPAA Workforce Basics2433.77/9/20152/27/2017
Mental HealthDepressionNatural Therapies for Depression and Anxiety2334.654/15/20156/11/2015
General HealthWing ChunWing Chun Street fighting2284.586/22/20144/26/2016
SportsSkatingSkate-Pro: Inline skating course for adult beginners.2274.855/28/20135/7/2013
NutritionAbdominal MassageThe Constipation Cure: Detoxifying Abdominal Massage2274.55/4/20145/7/2014
FitnessMuscle BuildingBuild Muscle and Burn Fat in 180 Minutes a Week! -180 Muscle2244.612/11/201512/8/2016
FitnessFat LossRipped in Six Fat Loss Accelerator2234.3510/17/201610/17/2016
NutritionDiabetesReverse Diabetes Naturally with the Ketogenic Diet2114.459/13/20158/29/2016
OtherParkinsons DiseaseJump Start to Recovery from Parkinson's Disease2044.757/15/20156/28/2016
General HealthStone MassageAward Winning Isla Verde Spa Hot Stones Massage Masterclass2034.532/24/20163/22/2017
DietingDietingTap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving2004.758/31/20168/30/2016
Mental HealthRelationshipBeat Relationship OCD (rOCD) And Obsessive Thinking!2004.52/21/20162/20/2016
General HealthHealthAcupressure for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health1974.85/19/20161/6/2017
General HealthBlood PressureBlood Pressure Control- A Map to Medication Freedom.1934.081/12/20142/10/2014
DanceSalsa DancingLearn How 2 Dance - Salsa (Beginner)1834.458/21/20158/24/2015
General HealthAcupressureThe Acupressure Masterclass For Maximal Pain Relief1794.421/23/20173/6/2017
YogaPrenatal YogaPrenatal Yoga: Balancing and Energizing1764.855/28/20145/22/2014
General HealthTai ChiTai Chi Chen Style1724.682/18/20162/29/2016
YogaYoga For KidsDo yoga with your kids!1704.48/20/201411/11/2014
FitnessCalisthenicsCalisthenics 101: Supreme Bodyweight Training & Fitness1684.54/20/20154/19/2015
Self DefenseKrav MagaUrban Krav Maga: Defending The Most Common Street Attacks1594.22/29/20163/2/2016
SportsGolfGolf Fundamentals | Learn the basics well, from a pro coach.1564.512/2/201512/6/2015
General HealthDetoxRISEN - Diet, Detox, Herbs & Natural Remedies - Part 11564.663/2/20163/31/2016
DanceBachataSecrets to Learning Bachata Musicality with Guided Practice!15659/25/20159/7/2016
DanceHip Hop DancingGet Groovy: The Ultimate Guide to learn Hip-hop Social Dance1544.76/11/20156/11/2015
General HealthVegan CookingIntroduction to Raw Vegan Food, A Guide For Beginners1514.76/12/20166/14/2016
SportsSkatingSkate-Pro: The complete Intermediate inline skating course.1514.95/28/20135/10/2013
FitnessKickboxingFITNESS KICKBOXING Lose body fat fast & look incredible now!1444.755/5/20155/7/2015
DietingWeight LossVirtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast! with Sue Peckham1444.453/7/20173/2/2017
Mental HealthQuitting SmokingUltimate Stop Smoking Hypnosis Practitioner Certification1434.7712/15/20161/20/2017
Self DefenseBoxingBoxing Masterclass - Boxing Foundation1434.8511/9/201611/11/2016
YogaPrenatal YogaPrenatal Partners, Birth Prep Yoga and Massage1314.712/7/20154/30/2016
DanceBachataLearn How 2 Dance - Bachata (Advanced)1263.758/20/20158/24/2015
DanceSalsa DancingLearn How 2 Dance - Salsa (Advanced)1194.628/21/20158/24/2015
General HealthHot YogaThe Hot Yoga Sequence at Home118510/16/201610/16/2016
Self DefenseMartial ArtsWing Chun for Beginners I - Learn Martial Arts Kung-Fu1174.65/17/20162/28/2017
FitnessPhysiologyThe Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology1164.0512/15/201412/10/2014
Mental HealthAdhdLearn about Attention Deficit Disorder1154.6510/26/201210/31/2012
General HealthAnxietyBreathing Retraining: Asthma Anxiety Snoring Apnea, Buteyko1114.310/19/20148/2/2015
General HealthBreathing TechniquesBreathing Retraining: Asthma Anxiety Snoring Apnea, Buteyko1114.310/19/20148/2/2015
General HealthAlcoholismPreparing to Easily Stop Drinking Alcohol1104.47/25/20168/21/2016
DanceDanceHow to dance to house music/housedance!1084.855/18/20165/26/2016
DanceHouse MusicHow to dance to house music/housedance!1084.855/18/20165/26/2016
DanceBelly DancingBelly Dance Basics: Hip Slides, Circles, & Shimmies10854/17/20154/18/2015
SportsSkateboardingTrick Tutor Basic: Skateboard Start-Up System1064.32/17/20159/13/2015
SportsPain ReliefTreat & Heal shoulder pain in WEST swimming technique10654/19/20151/17/2016
SportsClimbingHow to Climb Your Best1034.555/27/20146/18/2014
MeditationMikkyoIntro to Mikkyo, the Secret Teachings994.14/29/201511/6/2016
YogaPrenatal YogaPrenatal Yoga with Jane Austin964.886/23/20166/22/2016
FitnessAb Exercises10 Minute Six Pack Ab Solution884.6611/17/201611/17/2016
DanceStreet DancingHow to Street Dance: Waving854.54/13/20154/13/2015
NutritionDietingA Transformational Dietary Makeover for Weight Loss & Health82512/2/20133/24/2014
NutritionWeight LossA Transformational Dietary Makeover for Weight Loss & Health82512/2/20133/24/2014
NutritionTennisTennis Nutrition8154/12/20164/12/2016
NutritionNutritionTennis Nutrition8154/12/20164/12/2016
SportsScuba DivingExtreme Scuba Makeover784.452/11/20132/12/2013
General HealthEmergency MedicineEmergency Medicine Review Course III764.231/2/20172/12/2017
DanceCardioCatXercise Dance Cardio Workout767/27/20167/22/2016
Mental HealthAddictionHow To Free Yourself From Sexual Addiction764.315/30/20165/28/2016
YogaBreathing TechniquesThe Power of Breath, Change Your Breath, Change Your Life764.958/10/20168/14/2016
SportsSoccerIntroduction to Football (Soccer) Tactics754.48/11/20153/16/2017
SportsClimbingLearn Rock Climbing Step-by-Step742.664/2/20144/8/2014
NutritionDetoxTransform Your Health In This 30 Day Body Renovation Detox7352/2/20132/1/2013
General HealthHealthRestoring Deep Sleep to Enhance your Health724.852/2/20171/30/2017
General HealthSleepRestoring Deep Sleep to Enhance your Health724.852/2/20171/30/2017
FitnessBarre WorkoutBasic Barre Workout714.855/2/20165/3/2016
SportsEsportsBecome a Pro Gamer (eSports Athlete)714.785/13/20155/20/2015
NutritionGut HealthGut Healing Protocol Online Course694.19/23/201610/17/2016
YogaCore StrengthIntro to Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga664.856/3/20166/3/2016
OtherPregnancyChildbirth Preparation: A Complete Guide for Pregnant Women634.669/23/20169/23/2016
FitnessPilatesSayezz Pilates Self-Practice Guide to Mat FUNdamentals614.858/22/20149/2/2014
General HealthAromatherapyAromatherapy - Top Ten Formulas60510/13/201610/13/2016
OtherBaby MassageHow to perform Effective TCM Baby & Child Massage594.6211/10/20151/9/2016
OtherPregnancyBring Waterbirth Back, Baby!574.928/13/20149/27/2014
FitnessShoulder PainExercise Away Your Shoulder Pain534.97/14/20157/30/2015
SportsAmerican FootballFootball Simplified5239/6/20139/10/2013
SportsBasketballLearn Basketball Shooting - Master The Basics & Shoot Better524.355/27/20169/22/2016
Safety & First AidWork SafetyNEBOSH International Health and Safety Management system514.912/28/201612/23/2016
OtherBack PainBack Pain Management Simplified with Dr Hamilton Hall494.718/28/20155/25/2016
Safety & First AidNatural MedicineSecret Natural Home Remedies & Pet First Aid Dog Cat DELUXE47510/5/20161/4/2017
Mental HealthNatural MedicineHow to Clear Depression Using Traditional Oriental Medicine4659/23/201610/29/2016
Mental HealthDepressionHow to Clear Depression Using Traditional Oriental Medicine4659/23/201610/29/2016
FitnessWeight LiftingPrime-Physio Fitness Ultimate Lifting Assessment Guide464.831/17/20172/18/2017
FitnessTai ChiLearn the simple 24 Posture Yang style Taiji form414.752/2/20172/28/2017
Mental HealthAnger ManagementBreaking Free from the Anger Trap3858/21/20168/23/2016
NutritionDiabetesA Dietitian's Secrets to Naturally Heal Type 2 Diabetes384.648/5/20167/24/2016
YogaPranayamaHeal Diseased Prana with Authentic Pranayama&Mindful Mantras384.66/9/20166/16/2016
Self DefenseKrav MagaUrban Krav Maga: Defending Knife Threats and Attacks364.811/8/201610/19/2016
NutritionGluten Free Cooking And BakingBaking With the Gluten-Free Girl3457/15/20167/15/2016
DanceBachataLearn How To Dance Bachata: The Complete Course3357/9/20167/9/2016
General HealthInflammationNutrition 2 Fight Inflammation (with cooking demos)323.874/8/20163/15/2017
Mental HealthDyslexiaMaster Dyslexia with Brain Exercises for Kids & Adults31512/8/20162/7/2017
OtherRelaxation TechniquesRelax - tapping into the bodies relaxation triggers31411/30/201511/30/2015
OtherQi GongTaichi shibashi qigong with Peter Deadman274.942/8/20172/3/2017
General HealthFastingWater Fasting For Wellness274.852/22/20172/26/2017
DietingGluten Free Cooking And BakingGluten Free Cooking for Weight Loss2411/12/20151/13/2016
FitnessKettlebellThe Comprehensive Kettlebell Course2058/9/20168/9/2016
Self DefenseKung FuLearn Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu19512/23/201612/22/2016
FitnessPole DancingLearn to Pole Dance with Complete Pole1853/17/201611/14/2016
FitnessJoint MobilizationsMobilize & Stretch Your Way To Improved Health & Performance184.59/16/201610/2/2016
Mental HealthPsychotherapyIntroduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy184.075/3/20165/3/2016
OtherSports MassageAshiatsu or Shiatsu Barefoot Sports Massage Therapy1751/2/201712/29/2016
SportsSports CoachingBoxing Coach Course | Basics164.69/5/20169/7/2016
OtherPregnancyBirthSkills - Childbirth Preparation1110/20/201310/21/2013
General HealthDetox14-Day Transformational Detox: Habits for the Soul1152/17/20172/16/2017
FitnessCore StrengthUltimate Core Strength Made Easy912/30/201512/30/2015
General HealthMensturationBiohacking Your Menstrual Cycle955/3/20145/13/2014
FitnessPilatesPilates Essence - Just Breathe!7512/23/201612/22/2016
SportsSurfingTransitioning to shortboard surfing254/18/20164/26/2016
OtherPublic HealthUS Regulatory Strategy for Biologics & Pharmaceutical Drugs241/9/20171/1/2017
SportsSoccerEffective Soccer Presents: Skill, Speed & Smarts in 4-Weeks22/15/20172/14/2017

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