22 Best Social Studies Courses from Udemy

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Social Studies courses from Udemy

Here is the next installation of Udemy courses! Great for electives or maybe just for fun! We love Udemy for a lot of reasons. Just in case you haven't read the intro to another post, let me tell you why.

  1. The courses go on sale quite frequently. Sometimes it feels like we're stealing!
  2. The courses are always taught by experts who are really passionate about the subject material.
  3. We aren't experts in every field! Especially at the high school age. These courses are one of many ways to "outsource" some of the teaching and expertise.
  4. These courses never go away once you purchase them. Lifetime access for the whole family.

The best social studies courses

We worked hard on this list, and would really love it if you were to share it!

TopicCourse# of Enroll.Avg RatingPublishedUpdated On
PsychologyLearn Social Psychology17064.766/1/20158/26/2016
MacroeconomicsBasics of Macroeconomics10644.511/30/20157/11/2016
AnthropologyCultural Anthropology10613.8510/25/20147/13/2016
LinguisticsIntroduction to Linguistics8994.94/23/20164/22/2016
MicroeconomicsPrinciples of Microeconomics : Elasticity7804.333/29/20164/27/2016
EconomicsEconomics: Theory and Applications7764.7510/25/20151/6/2016
Foreign Policy2015 Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Association7134.67/28/20157/22/2015
EconomicsHow The Economy Really Works5194.958/14/20138/11/2013
Research MethodsResearch Methods and Statistics: An Introduction4573.832/10/20155/7/2015
EconometricsExplaining the Core Theories of Econometrics4254.282/28/20133/5/2013
GlobalizationThe Geography of Globalization2614.656/11/20136/13/2013
MacroeconomicsUnderstanding Macroeconomics for University and Business2004.643/28/20163/28/2016
SociologyIntroduction to Sociology1923.9511/26/20138/1/2016
LawLaw: A Comprehensive Summary for LLB Students142411/23/20151/13/2017
Property LawProperty Law: A Comprehensive Summary1324.211/9/201511/14/2015
Research MethodsEnhancing Research Visibility and Improving Citations1124.2511/13/201411/13/2014
PsychotherapyAn Introduction To Gestalt Therapy903.6211/6/201611/3/2016
AnthropologyInteractive Introduction to Anthropology884.6510/25/201610/25/2016
Critical ThinkingLevel 2 Intelligence Analyst Certification844.657/25/20167/31/2016
PsychologyAdvanced Level Psychology Certificate774.532/1/20171/29/2017
Us HistoryU.S. History 201524.61/28/20167/19/2016
CounselingTheoretical Approaches to Counselling.12512/7/20159/15/2016

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