The Common Spiders of the United States

If one wishes to find what spiders live in his neighborhood, they must be looked for at all times and in all kinds of places. The house and cellar should be looked over and the spiders watched until they are fully grown. The outside of the house and fences should be looked over occasionally in the same way, only those spiders being taken that are full grown, unless they are of new or rare kinds. A great many spiders may be found on the garden fences of a shady street, especially in the early summer and again in the autumn. 

Great for the bug lover, or for a quick backyard nature study. This ebook has plenty of black and white illustrations (click on them in the html version to get a larger image) to help identify the most common spiders that live in the US.

Scientific names are used, and their body structure, habitat, and webs are all described.

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