Instant Pot Weekly Meal Plan - Week 2

Posted by on December 11, 2016

This is the second week of Instant Pot meal plans. You can find the first week here and the template that I used here.

Once again, I love Instant Pots because they are fast and easy. Planning my meals out lets me really optimize the amount of time that I'm spending in the kitchen. I am not a professional and you should always do your own research for nutritional advice and so on. There are so many recipes out there for the Instant Pot that I didn't link to any. If you're new, make sure to check out Paleo -!

As usual, there is a PDF for those of you who just want to save it on your devices / print it, and a Word document for anyone who wants to edit it to their tastes.

Make sure to leave some feedback if you're using this and liking it! I can make more if people are interested.


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