Famous Composers for Children


Why should children study the great composers of the past?  Not only does it strengthen the general study of history, it also allows children to view music as a part of history.  They will learn to enjoy the timelessness of music.

These set of books are written for the early elementary grades.  From the description at Gutenberg.org:

The Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians was a series of short books for children about famous composers. They were written by Thomas Tapper, who worked for the music publisher Theodore Presser. These books came as loose pages that were designed to be cut up, put together, and personalized by children.

Doesn’t that sound like a lapbook? These printable books can be used to enhance your studies or they can stand alone as a great unit study.

If you need some notebooking pages to go along with your composer study, there is a blank form on homeschool launch, as well as a number of different pages for free onthatresourcesite.com.

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