13 Year-Old Virtuoso Explains Why Homeschooling Is The Key To His Success

Posted in Homeschooling, Music on December 10, 2016

A number of weeks ago I stumbled upon the YouTube video below. When I discovered Adam Kulju was homeschooled, I contacted him and essentially begged for an interview. He graciously agreed to answer all of my questions. Through homeschooling, students can pursue their passions and work toward their dreams at a whole new level of dedication. When you find out Read More »

For Parents Considering A Homeschool Music Program

Posted in Homeschooling, Music on October 9, 2016

North Georgia Homeschool Band & Choir

My name is Jackie Gray, and I am the executive director of North Georgia Homeschool Band and Choir in Canton, Georgia. We began 10 years ago with the help of an established homeschool band who saw the need for a program in our area. In this article, I will address the parents who are considering Read More »

Old English Carols For Christmas And Other Festivals

Posted in Music, Public Domain on December 11, 2012

Sometimes you just want to sing a good Wassail song! This little ebook has original carols and tunes for winter festivities. These might be fun to sing while caroling or for a church function.  Or just sing them with your kids as you learn about the history of Christmas music! Download Old English Carols For Read More »

A Day With Richard Wagner

Posted in Culture, High School, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Music, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on November 29, 2012

Now let your children discover one of the most creative and hardworking composers – Richard Wagner. Richard Wagner’s musical legacy rests with only thirteen completed stage works. Of these, ten of them have remained in the repertory of all major opera houses around the world, and represent some of the most loved, most often performed, and Read More »

A Day With Tschaikovsky

Posted in Art, Culture, Free Use, Music, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on September 20, 2012

Here is another great “day in the life” book, this time featuring a composer. Read about Tschaikovsky as if you were there in his home, experiencing his life! Tschaikovsky, rousing himself with difficulty from the heavy, almost lethargic sleep of exhaustion into which he nightly falls, gathers his wits together and restores his scattered consciousness Read More »