Western Civilization

Johann Sebastian Bach

Posted in High School, Middle School, Public Domain, Reading, Western Civilization on July 7, 2016

A Short Biography of Bach This little ebook is perfect for a composer study about Johann Sebastian Bach. The online html version at gutenberg.org even includes a link to listen to one of his pieces! This is a simple text that covers the life and death of the famous composer. Published by the New York Read More »

Heroines Every Child Should Know

Posted in Elementary, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Middle School, Mythology, Public Domain, Western Civilization on November 12, 2015

From the days of Esther, Judith and Antigone to those of Florence Nightingale, women have shown every kind of courage that men have shown, faced every kind [x]of peril that men have braved, divided with men the dangers and hardships of heroism but have never had an equal share of recognition and applause. This book Read More »

Free Ebooks To Study Ancient Greece

Posted in Ancient History, Elementary, High School, Middle School, Mythology, Public Domain, Western Civilization on April 23, 2015

One of the great things about studying ancient cultures in your homeschool is that there are plenty of public domain books available. In our home we try to cover history in a 4-year cycle. That way when we read about the Greeks and Romans when our youngest is 5, we will cover that time period Read More »

Boys and Girls From History

Posted in American History, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on September 1, 2014

In this small volume the boys of many lands and races whose stories are told, have been selected not because they later became famous men, although some of them did, but because each one achieved something noteworthy as a boy. And in each boy’s character, whether historic or legendary, courage was the marked trait. For Read More »

In The Days Of The Guild

Posted in Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on August 17, 2014

Learning a trade in the Middle Ages This collection of historical tales is set in the Middle Ages and features young men and women learning crafts, trades, and skills through apprenticeships in various guilds. Dispersed between the tales are classic poems that add depth to the stories. Many of the color illustrations are also reproduced Read More »

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