Britain In The Middle Ages: A History Reader

Posted in Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on April 11, 2014

Of the Britons who dwelt here, we know something from those who had heard of them and wrote about them. Round about their villages, they made wattle-fences to keep away their enemies and the wild beasts that came out of the forests in winter nights. They were shepherds and had many herds of sheep and Read More »

The Defense of the Castle

Posted in High School, Public Domain, Western Civilization on August 31, 2013

For it should be remembered in reading history that war has both its science and its art, and that great warriors have been adepts in both, and by both have preserved civilization against the external and internal enemies who would have destroyed it.  This is the story of the siege on an English castle during Read More »

Ten Boys and Girls From Dickens

Posted in Literature, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on July 16, 2013

In this small volume there are presented as complete stories the boy-lives portrayed in the works of Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens was a loyal champion of all boys, and underlying his pen pictures of them was an earnest desire to remedy evils which he had found existing in London and its suburbs. And so he Read More »

Stories of King Arthur’s Knights {Told to the Children}

Posted in Lower Elementary, Mythology, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on June 22, 2013

More than four hundred years ago there lived a diligent man called Sir Thomas Malory, who wrote in English words many of the beautiful Welsh tales about King Arthur’s Knights, that the people of Wales loved so well. This book is a very beautiful remake of the tales of King Arthur’s knights, written for children. Read More »

Armour and Weapons

Posted in High School, Middle School, Public Domain, Western Civilization on June 19, 2013

Great illustrations of weaponry and armor Doing a study on Medieval warfare? Have a child who loves all things knights and castles? This is an amazing book that covers: The Age of Mail The Wearing of Armour Horse Armour The Decadence of Armour Medieval Weapons Plus more! The text is pretty dense, but informative. It Read More »