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Elements of Art & Line - Art Education for the Home School

Posted in Art on October 19, 2015

This is the first post in a short series of guest posts by April Boston on basic art education for homeschoolers. Hopefully, these lessons can give you some basic ideas for starting out and learning on your own. The Elements of Art and the Line Covering all of the subjects taught in a traditional school can be Read More »

The Potter’s Craft

Posted in Art, High School, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on August 31, 2013

The production of pottery was, at first, the supplying of a need. Clay offered a medium for the making of household utensils which were at once fireproof and impervious. The work does not belong strictly to the earliest stages of civilization but is a development of advancing refinement. The artist interested in clay and pottery Read More »

Tintoretto: Masterpieces in Colour

Posted in Art, Public Domain on May 20, 2013

The general feeling about Jacopo Robusti is perhaps summed up by Giorgio Vasari in his “Lives.” “He is a great lover of the arts,” says our gossip; “he delights in playing on various musical instruments; he is a very agreeable person, but as far as painting is concerned he has the most capricious hand, and Read More »

Women Painters Of The World

Posted in Art, College Prep, High School, Hobbies and Crafts, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on January 9, 2013

The author of this book asks a good question – why do all the great painters we study have to be men? Answer – they don’t! There is room in the garden of art for flowers of every kind and for butterflies and birds of every species; and why should anyone complain because a daisy is Read More »

A Day With Walt Whitman

Posted in Art, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on September 26, 2012

Dressing with the same large, leisurely gestures as characterized him in everything, Walt Whitman was presently attired in his invariable suit of grey: and by the time the clock touched half-past seven, he was seated in the verandah, comfortably inhaling the sweet, fresh morning air, and quite ready for his simple breakfast. Read about the Read More »

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