College Prep

These posts and articles are targeted towards homeschoolers who are preparing for college. There will be resources, guides, tutorials, and even unit studies. When resources are only appropriate for college prep ages they are additionally categorized here.

Classics for a High School Transcript: Fiction

Posted in College Prep, High School, Public Domain, Reading on August 4, 2016

It is entirely possible to craft a high school literature course of study using free public domain ebooks. While there are some great works of modern literature currently under copyright, and these should be considered as well, there is such a diverse collection of classic works that could keep a student busy for years. Combined Read More »

Classic Fiction for Children: Adventure!

Posted in College Prep, Elementary, High School, Literature, Middle School, Public Domain, Reading on November 15, 2013

Go sailing on the high seas, or mush dogs in the Yukon. These books are classic adventures that have inspired artists, directors, and children for decades! Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Although both Tom and Huck are orphans, their lives are complete contrasts of each other. Tom has a warm home and caretakers. Huck has Read More »

British Castles

Posted in College Prep, High School, Public Domain, Western Civilization on May 20, 2013

A very beautifully illustrated treatise on the history of castle-building in England. The writing in this book is a little heady – so it would probably only appeal to older students. But the information it contains about the structure of the castles and how they became elaborate and grand is worth the read. Download British Read More »

Hawkins Electrical Guide – The Mysterious Missing Volume 2!

Posted in College Prep, High School, Public Domain on March 4, 2013

I have completed the quest! Lately the Hawkins Electrical Guide post has been getting a lot of traffic, and so it reminded me that I needed to seek out the missing second volume from the series. Lo and behold I found it! This volumes explains armatures and motors. For your convenience, here are the links Read More »

Ancient And Modern Ships

Posted in College Prep, High School, History, Middle School, Public Domain, Technology, Upper Elementary on February 27, 2013

It is not difficult to imagine how mankind first conceived the idea of making use of floating structures to enable him to traverse stretches of water. The trunk of a tree floating down a river may have given him his first notions. He would not be long in discovering that the tree could support more Read More »

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