Hawkins Electrical Guide – The Mysterious Missing Volume 2!

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I have completed the quest! Lately the Hawkins Electrical Guide post has been getting a lot of traffic, and so it reminded me that I needed to seek out the missing second volume from the series.

Lo and behold I found it!

This volumes explains armatures and motors.

For your convenience, here are the links to the complete series:

  • Volume 1– principles of electricity
  • Volume 2 – armatures and motors
  • Volume 3– wiring and wire are covered
  • Volume 4– alternating currents
  • Volume 5– transformers, converters
  • Volume 6 – switching devices, alternators
  • Volume 7 – continued topics from Volume 6
  • Volume 8– the telegraph, electrical lighting
  • Volume 9– electrical railways, gas engines

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