Tintoretto: Masterpieces in Colour

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The general feeling about Jacopo Robusti is perhaps summed up by Giorgio Vasari in his “Lives.” “He is a great lover of the arts,” says our gossip; “he delights in playing on various musical instruments; he is a very agreeable person, but as far as painting is concerned he has the most capricious hand, and the boldest, most extravagant, and most obstinate brain that ever belonged to painter.


Getting tired of doing art studies on the same people? Try taking a peek at someone new with the Masterpieces in Colour books!


Tintoretto self portrait

This series was written for students to give an overview of a famous artist. Included are examples of the artists’ works in full color.

*Note: some of the art in the books does contain nudity.

Here are the artists:

Choir of Angels – Van Eyck

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