Flowers Shown To The Children

Dear Children,—If you were old enough to go to the bookseller and ask for a book that would tell you about the flowers you see growing in the woods and fields in spring and summer-time, you would find there were already a great many books which had been written with that purpose.

If you examined a few of these books, you would discover that in many the pictures of the flowers were not coloured, and that in these books the flowers were very difficult to recognise. And I think you would at once tell the bookseller you wished a flower-book with coloured pictures, where the flowers looked like real flowers.

This is a simple book about flowers, but it has one thing going for it that a lot of public domain books about flowers do not. It has hundreds of colored illustration plates. If your kids want to do a nature study about flowers using free ebooks, wouldn’t they rather have pictures that look like real flowers?


The images would be great to download and print out, or use in an online project. There are about 3 kinds of flowers on each plate, grouped by family/look.

Download Flowers Shown To The Children from  Remember, to view the book online simply click the “html” option. You can right-click and download the images right from your browser!

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