A Free Alternative To Wolfram Alpha That Shows All The Steps

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This is more of a public service announcement than anything else. I have found out that very few people know there is a free alternative to Wolfram Alpha that is called Symbolab. Unlike Wolfram Alpha, that requires the user to pay for a subscription in order to see all the steps, Symbolab shows everything for free.

Not only are all the steps shown, the equations are auto-formatted very nicely while you type it in. Unlike Wolfram where you can enter an expression only to find out after submission it wasn't in the correct format, Symbolab will do it in real-time. A small detail, but it is nice.

Critics will argue that Symbolab is not as 'powerful' as Wolfram, and this is probably correct. It definitely is not quite as robust. By robust I mean that Wolfram can take just about any input and produce some type of answer. BUT, for any high school level and below homeschool students, Symbolab will be sufficient. I have found that this is a great supplement to the resources on Khan Academy - which we use for math all the time.

Pre-calc and calculus students will love it because it clearly shows the steps for integrals, derivatives, and limits. Let me know your thoughts if you start using it!

If you are looking for an App, neither Symbolab nor Wolfram Alpha is free. In fact, the Wolfram Alpha mobile app is actually cheaper.

Bonus tip: Lots of universities and some local community colleges provide Wolfram Alpha for free. Make sure to check on this if your child is dual enrolled! Details about these freebies are rarely publicized.

(Also, just for the record, I am, in no way, associated with Symbolab. Just a happy user.)

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  1. Sra. Morato says:

    Thank you! This is a great tool. We starting using it today.

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