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I like technology, teaching, programming, hiking, and strawberry jelly filled doughnuts. I'm a pretty passionate lifelong learner. I went to school for that "math stuff" everyone seems to hate!

I'm a Christian and a homeschooler. Please don't confuse that with being close-minded. I like to think that I am very accepting. I love my children and want the very best for them.

Two Online High School Students Accepted to Juilliard

Posted in News, Online School on June 18, 2017

Online Academy trumpet player to attend Juilliard

Online high schools, also called virtual academies, are a growing trend in alternative education options in the U.S. Although these virtual schools have faced backlash as states question their results, it is clear that some students flourish in this alternative environment. Last week, two students from Connections Academy announced their acceptance to the highly prestigious Read More »

The Best Scientific Calculator: Buyer’s Guide with Ranking & Reviews

Posted in Reviews on May 5, 2017

A scientific calculator and a pen

I’m a self-proclaimed “math nerd,” and I’m so excited for this opportunity to talk about scientific calculators – what they are, when to use one, the best models, figuring out which model is right for you, and the differences between calculator types. First, are you sure that you need a scientific calculator and not a Read More »

2018 Best Graphing Calculator: Buyer’s Guide with Ranking & Reviews

Posted in Reviews on May 2, 2017

Three TI-84 calculator screens side by side

Maybe you need a better grade in math class? Maybe your new curriculum requires a graphing calculator? Maybe your old TI-83 finally broke on the job and you need a shiny new calculator for your work? No matter the reason, I’ve designed this guide to help you pick out the best graphing calculator for your Read More »

Warning Signs That Your Child Needs to Change Schools: Alternatives to Public School

Posted in Homeschooling on May 1, 2017

Mom, dad, the education landscape has changed since you were in K-12. Seriously, it has changed a lot. If your child is withering under the educational approach of their current school (I use that term “school” quite loosely), there are plenty of available options. This isn’t just an issue of your child being miserable at Read More »

We homeschool because the public school model is going to let you down

Posted in Homeschooling on March 28, 2017

Public schools are going to disappoint you

The public education system let me down in a number of ways. And, my wife faced very similar experiences. Before our first daughter was born, we were in subconscious agreement. During the first few years of becoming parents, we became very conscious of this agreement. The public education system was a disappointment to both of Read More »

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