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I like technology, teaching, programming, hiking, and strawberry jelly filled doughnuts. I'm a pretty passionate lifelong learner. I went to school for that "math stuff" everyone seems to hate!

I'm a Christian and a homeschooler. Please don't confuse that with being close-minded. I like to think that I am very accepting. I love my children and want the very best for them.

Review: Best Super Glues for Each Type of Material

Posted in Reviews on March 23, 2017

Top super glues for sticking anything back together

In our home, we use super glue all the time. Yes, we enjoy arts and crafts. But we also have young boys running around. Naturally, this means things are always breaking. Dishes, parts of the desk, the edges of furniture, their favorite old toys and new toys... the list goes on and on. What have I learned? Read More »

Facebook's Anti-Conservative Bias: Christian Homeschool Mom's Account Suspended Over Posts Citing Bible

Posted in News on February 21, 2017

Activist Mommy Facebook Account Censored

Homeschool mom and self-proclaimed "Activist Vlogger," Elizabeth Johnston and the Facebook censorship team haven't been seeing eye to eye. Johnston claims that Facebook closed her account over anti-homosexual comments she had made in previous months. Johnston's comment was in response to an atheist who mocked Christians for condemning homosexuality but readily ate forbidden biblical foods like shellfish and Read More »

6 Parenting Mistakes With Consequences Children Face As Adults

Posted in Parenting on December 23, 2016

Never allowing them to fail A child that is never allowed to fail can become an extremely anxious adult. Our children are precious to us -- of course we don't enjoy watching them fail. It is tough. It is difficult. We feel terrible whenever something goes wrong for them. Some parents try to teach their Read More »

A Free Alternative To Wolfram Alpha That Shows All The Steps

Posted in Math, Resources on December 1, 2016

This is more of a public service announcement than anything else. I have found out that very few people know there is a free alternative to Wolfram Alpha that is called Symbolab. Unlike Wolfram Alpha, that requires the user to pay for a subscription in order to see all the steps, Symbolab shows everything for free. Not Read More »

National Music Competition Winner Was Homeschooled & Only Took Lessons Through Skype

Posted in Homeschooling, News on November 28, 2016

One of the greatest benefits to homeschooling is the freedom and structure it provides. Many talented young individuals homeschool solely to devote more time to their talents and passions. This year's winner in the strings category of the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA) was Misha Romano, a 17-year-old from Diplong City. After becoming one of eight Read More »