We homeschool because the public school model is going to let you down

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Public schools are going to disappoint you

The public education system let me down in a number of ways. And, my wife faced very similar experiences. Before our first daughter was born, we were in subconscious agreement. During the first few years of becoming parents, we became very conscious of this agreement.

The public education system was a disappointment to both of us. But, what were we expecting? Take a moment to ponder the nature of a public school.

Public schools herd 20-30 children from different income levels, backgrounds, experiences, resources, drives, motivations, skills, and natural talents into the same group. And then hope they can make the most of it.

The public school model is destined to fail

This is a model destined to fail to meet student's and parent's expectations. I want it to be very clear, I'm not blaming the teachers or the students.

In our early days of parenting, we believed that with the drive and dedication to take full responsibility of our children's schooling, we could easily provide them with a better education than is feasible to get with 1 teacher per 15-30 kids.

That was our motivation for homeschooling. Purely because the public school model doesn't make sense when the alternative is personalized learning, one-on-one attention and instruction, and legitimate loving intention and care.

Our success with a personalized learning environment

We started our daughter in "homeschool" before she was conventionally "old enough" to be in Kindergarten. At Kindergarten age, I don't think it would have been an option to put her in public school.


Because she was already more advanced than most 1st graders. She was a natural learner, what can I say? We didn't push her to her limits. We just encouraged her. And she excelled at rates that wouldn't have been possible in public school.

And she isn't excelling because of our incredible teaching style. Or curriculum. Or method. Or philosophy.

It is mostly just her natural inclinations and eagerness to pick up reading, talking, drawing, and writing.

There's no doubt in my mind: we are providing our children with a great education.

Maybe it isn't the most excellent. Maybe it isn't "the best." We aren't superhero parents. We aren't holding some secret key to education. But I know, confidently, and without a doubt, that it is better than the mainstream (or private) alternative.

No, when our family friends see our kids, they are getting a glimpse into what's possible in a personalized learning environment. Can you imagine what a "fully" personalized learning environment could do for a child?

My goal isn't to hate on public schools or charter schools. I'm just stating and restating a very simple truth. No public school can provide the same level of attention as you can with homeschooling.

It takes time, and it takes effort. I'm not preaching an "easy solution." But, I can't help but believe homeschooling will continue to skyrocket in popularity for these reasons. Very, simple reasons.

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  1. Talya says:

    What an inspiring read! We have toyed with the idea of homeschooling but I guess in truth I'm a little bit scared about the commitment of it but in terms of the results only then it's such a strong case. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub x

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