Home Occupations for Boys and Girls

A perusal of this little volume will show that it is far from exhaustive of the topics treated. It is largely a book of suggestion. If it stimulates the child to new investigations and experiments along similar lines; if it reinforces the spirit of brotherly kindness in the home; or if it helps to solve any of the problems of the mother, the hopes of the authors will be accomplished.

This little treasure is like a key for busy moms to open doors of play and discovery to their children.

In this volume you can find a number of great suggestions for crafts, activities, games, and experiments that will keep your kids happily engaged. (The word “occupations” in the title meant activities, not jobs)

There are not a whole lot of illustrations, but most of the activities can be easily visualized through their descriptions.

Download Home Occupations for Boys and Girls from gutenberg.org.

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