This 19-Year-Old Homeschool Alum Just Became Ontario's Youngest Ever Elected Member of Parliament

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"Tonight, we have made history. We have elected the youngest serving MPP in Ontario history." (Img source: Twitter)

canadian-politics-book Only 19-years-old, Sam Oosterhoff was just elected as the youngest ever Member of Ontario's Provincial Parliament (MPP). Oosterhoff didn't just win the election, he won by a landslide. His winning vote percentage was the highest in the past five elections with 54% of the popular vote.

After graduating as a homeschooled high schooler, Oosterhoff received a scholarship to Brock University. Last month, during the Progressive Conservative Party (of Canada) nominations, he was still enrolled as a political science student at Brock University. His opponent in the primaries was Rick Dykstra -- a candidate 'hand-picked' by the PC Party. Nevertheless, Oosterhoff received a shocking 699 votes over Dykstra’s 525.

Education was one of his seven foremost campaign pledges - "I will never waver in my support of parents as primary educators, and I will strive to ensure that parental rights are respected in education." [source]

Surprisingly, The National Post reported that questions about his age during his campaign were rarely an issue. When reporters were critical of his education he replied by saying:

"You know what, the people who accepted my application and gave me big scholarships at Brock University seemed to like it okay." [source]

keep-calm-shirt He refrained from disclosing the exact scholarship amount.

As a strong social conservative and member of the Canadian Reformed Church, Oosterhoff was also running as a pro-life and pro-family candidate who believes homosexuality is a sin. Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition said that this election proved, "Socially conservative politicians can win elections by being unapologetic." [source]

Oosterhoff has received a large amount of congratulatory praise from the homeschooling community even if they don't agree with all of his political positions. One homeschooler said that:

"Sam Oosterhoff is elected proof that one can succeed and be homeschooled. The public school system is overrated. It's reassuring and refreshing for all those parents taking on the courageous vocation of homeschooling. We congratulate Oosterhoff and wish him well. He's a great example to other young people."

Secular Response

Some secular and non-Christian homeschoolers have complained that Oosterhoff is, "Furthering the stereotype that all homeschoolers are conservative Christians." Nevertheless, Oosterhoff's unprecedented achievement was recognized and commended. [source]

The Campaign

Following his campaign was nothing short of inspirational. His Twitter account, @samoosterhoff has numerous photos and videos of his campaign.


In what some would call "true homeschool fashion," he also plays the piano for them - Video link.

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6 Responses to “This 19-Year-Old Homeschool Alum Just Became Ontario's Youngest Ever Elected Member of Parliament”

  1. Seth Schwartz says:

    The media attacked him over his education and he was strong enough to respond like that!? He is going to make an incredible representative of Ontario! I wish we had him in the United States.

  2. Leslie F. Reed says:

    I am a secular homeschooler, and I have been saying this for a long time now. There is a reason why so many of the most successful young adults are homeschooled. Homeschooling provides the opportunity to grow in unique ways that public school does not allow. Without the structure and wasted time, I'm sure he was more educated in political science than his public school peers.

    While I'm not thrilled about the conservative Christian part getting so much attention, he is clearly a great example of how homeschooling can prepare you for an excellent future. Yes, he might be a 'stereotype,' but the same formula of success can be applied to anyone.

  3. Mia Roses says:

    I'm so sick of Christian conservatives getting all new news headlines. Can some secular homeschoolers do something to get noticed already?

    • Common Sense says:

      Your comment Mia Roses proves exactly why you are not getting headlines. If getting noticed is your reward, goal, or way of affirmation you are setting yourself up for a life of disappointment and bitterness. "Hope differed makes the heart sick". OT

    • Marty Thornton says:

      I believe he will be a great asset to combat Ontario's failed government.
      To those people who struggle with him being a Christian Conservative, ask yourself what it is within you that is threatened and is it really justifiable?

  4. Audra Calvert (X-Facebook) says:

    19 year olds, and younger, can be more mature and capable than most well seasoned adults if their upbringing and natural predilections prepared them for such a life. Remember that at one point in history, it wasnt uncommon for 14 year olds to get jobs, get married, and start families with everyone around them expecting them to "act their age", because that's how the young were brought up to act. Raising respectable adults has really gone down hill since the 1900's. The bible even says not to despise ones youth. 1 Timothy 4:12

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