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The Best Human Skeleton Model for Anatomy Classes

A classroom model skeleton

Who needs a human skeletal model?

  1. If you are a healthcare professional or a medical student, you know the importance of a high-quality, detailed, and accurate human skeleton model. A life-size skeleton plays an important educational role; with it, you can educate your patients about their ailment or the proposed mode of treatment.
  2. As a student, a human skeleton model adds to your anatomy grades. It offers hands-on learning experience as well as visual representation of the human anatomy as written in books. If you have a tactile memory, then a hard plastic skeleton will replace all the hours otherwise spent in the library, studying a textbook, or playing with an online lab. Therefore, if you want to memorize all the 206 bones that comprise the human body, you should get the best quality.

Unfortunately, knowing the importance of the skeleton model isn’t going to get you the best study or professional model. Even though every model may resemble the human skeleton, the one you choose may not meet your intended purpose. Before buying, determine if the model is for learning or professional use. Consider numbering, herniated discs, construction material, and the type of model. The latter include human skeleton models for nerves, musculature, or arteries. You’ll also want to check out the skeleton construction and the presence or absence some important bones.

If you need to buy a high-quality human plastic skeleton model intended for learning/studying, your #1 choice should be the ShopAnatomical Human Skeleton Model, 1st Quality. Although this is a multi-purpose design that can be used in classrooms and physicians offices, it is especially useful if you are looking for a learning companion for an advanced anatomy class. Here’s why:

Quick link: Get the skeleton here.

Presence of Most Bones and the Most Important Parts of the Skeleton

Finding a life-size skeleton with all the 206 bones is no easy endeavor. However, this skeleton comes close because it has most bones. Some of the most important parts of this adult skeleton include the Foramina, the holes through which nerve bundles, veins, arteries and other internal structures pass. If you are looking for a human skeleton with Foramina for learning this is the right skeleton for you.

It also has condyles, the rounded protrusions on bones. These are important parts of the skeleton because they make it possible for articulations between bones. The presence of condyles on this skeleton makes it an excellent choice for every student of Anatomy. It also has a cut calvarium, suture lines, and three removable lower teeth.

Cons: Please be aware that this model does lack the hyoid bone.

Human Skeleton Model Bone Structure

Attachment of bones

Using as an Anatomy Teaching Aid

1. Movable parts

An important determinant of the best skeleton models is the flexibility and the articulation of the skeletal system. As a result, your search will get direction from how the skeleton is fixed and if the fixing allows some range of movement. The shoulder, wrist, hip, elbow, and the knee joints are movable. Such range of motion helps you understand how the skeletal system works. The legs and the arms of this skeleton are removable too.

2. Herniated lumbar disc

This is one aspect of this model, in particular, that will help students grasp advanced anatomy concepts and make classes easier. The herniated disc will help students learn how to treat an injury. It is also beneficial to physiotherapists and physicians when demonstrating an injury to a patient.

3. Allows advanced learning

With the removable skull, this is the anatomy skull model you may want to use for your anatomy classes. It also shows anatomy branches and the vertebral artery. The latter makes this an anatomical heart model.

An image of the full skeleton

Roller for easy movement in class or in the hospital

Other Key Features

  • Easy to use: First, this skeleton requires minimal assembly. Secondly, the arm and the legs are removable – this means that a student learns the parts of the skeleton easily. Holding the parts of the skeleton enhances memory retention.
  • Sturdy design: The model’s sturdy design results from the use of unbreakable PVC construction. This makes it easy to wash.
  • It weighs 12.5kgs and an overall weight of 180cm. It is 163cm from the top of the skull to the bottom of the calcaneus bone.
  • It comes with a plastic dust cover.

Comparison Table

Human Skeleton Model27.6lbs64.2Inches$$$
VAS 202 Half-size human Skeleton4lbs33 Inches$$
Ajax Scientific Plastic Human Skeleton1.4lbs18 Inches$

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Most reviewers of this human skeleton model reveal that this is an excellent budget skeleton, especially for students. Consistent positive reviews confirm that the joints stay in place thanks to the wires and metal brackets. The construction is very sturdy. You can assemble or disassemble the skeleton with ease. The wheels make it easy to move it around when teaching.

Cons: Unfortunately, this skeleton has an immobile spine, and it lacks the hyoid bone. It is durable though, and it will last a very long time. Finally, the price is reasonable.

Take a look at the human skeleton here.

List of human body axial skeleton skull bones

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