Learning the Bones of the Human Body: Ultimate Skeleton Resource

Let's learn the bones of the body!
Learn the bones of the human body!

How many bones are in the human body?

There are 206 bones in the human body. The bones are divided into two main groups, the Axial Skeleton (comprised of 80 bones) and the Appendicular Skeleton (comprised of 126 bones). The Axial Skeleton and the Appendicular Skeleton are both subdivided.

The Axial Skeleton can be broken up into two sets, the Skull (comprised of 28 bones) Torso (comprised of 52 bones).

The Appendicular Skeleton is almost evenly split between the Upper Extremity (comprised of 64 bones) Lower Extremity (comprised of 62 bones).

Some of the bones in the Axial Skeleton are paired (meaning there are two of each), while every bone in the Appendicular Skeleton is paired. This means that you're in luck for memorization purposes, because most bones have a symmetrical pair. There are only 120 different bone names.

Ready to learn them?

Human Body Skeleton/Bone Lists

Because not all bones in the Axial Skeleton are paired, the paired bones (x2) have been highlighted. Remember that the two lists of bones in the Appendicular Skeleton are x2.

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The Axial Skeleton bones of the skull

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List of bones in the Axial Skeleton's torso

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List of bones in the Upper Extremity of the Appendicular Skeleton

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List of bones in the Lower Extremity of the Appendicular Skeleton

Games & Quizzes for Learning the Bones of the Body

Here are some of our favorite websites for learning the bones of the body:

The best games are hands-on and tactile! Consider buying your own human skeleton model for active practicing.

The Best Video for Learning the Skeleton

This is an excellent video with some great tips and trick for remembering the names of the bones!

Are you an auditory learner? Here's our favorite "learn-the-bones song." Be careful, its catchy!

Okay, here is one more parts of the skeleton song. This one was made specifically for 6th grade students.

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