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Unschooling for us is as much about deschooling ourselves as parents as it is about any particular approach to education. Thus, unschooling in our home means not only honoring our sons’ natural curiosity and choosing to allow their innate desire to learn thrive unhindered; but just as importantly, to trust in this process and to let go of our own preconceived notions about what this might look like at any given moment.

So much of our journey is therefore simply about deprogramming ourselves. My writing is as much about my journey to learn to trust more deeply as it is about my sons’ varied paths in exploring the world. Given our historical and cultural approach to child-rearing, this is not always easy. I have doubts sometimes and worry about my choices (like most thinking parents do). I fail, often, and fall very short of that to which I strive.

Be that as it may, there are nevertheless ever more moments of clarity in which I can see the outpouring of an innate curiosity, a drive to discover, a passion so alive in my sons that I pause in wonder. In these moments all doubts cease, for I know there is a wisdom at work much more brilliant than anything I could ever have fathomed, let alone teach.

There are of course many more reasons for choosing to keep my children at home; but for me at least, they all flow from one central principle: namely, a deep and abiding commitment to allow my sons the time, the support and the freedom to delve deep into the mysteries of both themselves and their world.

Homeschoolers Poll: Do you give your kids a flu shot?

Posted in Lifestyle, Parenting on September 19, 2017

Preparing a flu shot vaccination

Its that time of year again! Discussions about vaccines, specifically the flue shot, are running rampant across Facebook, Twitter, and personal circles. So I thought I would gather up what I've found to be the most insightful comments from some Christian homeschooling mothers. For privacy purposes I'm not including profile photos or names and will Read More »

Learning the Bones of the Human Body: Ultimate Skeleton Resource

Posted in High School, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Middle School, Science on June 13, 2017

Learn the bones of the human body!

How many bones are in the human body? There are 206 bones in the human body. The bones are divided into two main groups, the Axial Skeleton (comprised of 80 bones) and the Appendicular Skeleton (comprised of 126 bones). The Axial Skeleton and the Appendicular Skeleton are both subdivided. The Axial Skeleton can be broken up into two Read More »

SAT Testing Accommodations for Homeschoolers

Posted in Homeschooling on March 27, 2017

Very useful information for homeschool high schoolers with a diagnosed learning disability. This information was first sourced from a Facebook discussion before confirming it for ourselves. Obtaining extra test time for homeschoolers with a diagnosed learning disability Question: SAT Testing Accommodations: Has anyone here ever successfully obtained extra test time, etc. for their child with a Read More »

Better Alternatives to College Admissions Assistance

Posted in Homeschooling on March 22, 2017

College Admissions Assistance can be confusing and expensive

College Admissions Assistance, Inc. has faced a LOT of negative criticism. An extremely long Ripoff report, tons of College Confidential threads (dating back to 2007), a dedicated Facebook scam report page created in 2010, and plenty of other complaints peppering the Google search results. Their marketing and sales strategy begins with an official looking letter. Get help Read More »

You won't do it. You won't homeschool to spite DeVos. You're the same people who said they would move to Canada.

Posted in News on February 9, 2017
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The media loves to have fun and exacerbate the public opinion. All this talk about "we're going to homeschool" in backlash to Betsy DeVos being confirmed by the senate. Let's clear something up... they won't do it. There is no way they will pull their kids out of school and educate them at home. They have no Read More »

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