You won't do it. You won't homeschool to spite DeVos. You're the same people who said they would move to Canada.

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The media loves to have fun and exacerbate the public opinion. All this talk about "we're going to homeschool" in backlash to Betsy DeVos being confirmed by the senate.

Let's clear something up... they won't do it. There is no way they will pull their kids out of school and educate them at home.

They have no idea how much time, effort, dedication, and hard work homeschooling is. These 'quick to speak people' are almost always last to act. These are the same people who claimed they were going to move to Canada if Trump were elected president. The last time I checked, none of these people have gone anywhere.

It is all talk, and it will blow over within a few days unless the media decides to continue to dramatize it. Anytime anything happens, there are dramatic tweets and dramatic Facebook posts.

I can't wait to see how it works out for ya, Lacy-Lorraine Lee. Please update me after you decide on a homeschooling method/approach, pick out curriculum, research your state's standards, do the necessary prep work, pull your kids out of school, start educating yourself on how to educate, completely re-structure your days/life, and begin to "teach" your kids.

I probably left out ~50 details, but don't worry, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Don't get me wrong, I love support for homeschooling -- I really do. And I love how homeschooling is no longer viewed by the general public as some "crazy fringe movement."

But, I didn't start homeschooling so that the rest of the world would join me, and I certainly didn't start homeschooling so that the government could sneakily begin to gain control over my children's education through vouchers.

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  1. Lacy-Lorraine Lee says:

    Homeschooling is actually going great. My son doesn't struggle with his social anxiety and autism as much as he did before and he's become much more expressive. Thanks for the concern! 😉

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