King Arthur Paper Figure

I found this poem and accompanying paper figure in a magazine from 1922.  I carefully scanned the images at 300 dpi.

King Arthur

By Jonathan Brace

Of all the old, old stories,
Those favorites we like best,
Which do you think most surely
Stands out among the rest
As the one which never ceases,
Whether you’re girl or boy
Or even if you’re grown up,
To bring the greatest joy?

Each one will have his favorite,
And we maybe won’t agree;
But the story of King Arthur
Is the one most pleases me.
I never tire of reading
Of Arthur and his Knights,
The brave and thrilling things they did
For honor, love and right.

The Table Round, around which sat
His Knights in special place
And thence were sent on holy quests
Which brave Knights love to face.
With helmet, shield and armor,
And with sword and lance held low,
They rode in joust or tourney
Exchanging blow for blow.

Of all those great adventures,
In which King Arthur led
With his famous sword Excalibur,
You often must have read.
But if by chance you haven’t,
It’s something you should do.
And meanwhile good King Arthur
Is here to play with you.

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