“Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?” - Black Friday Events Lead Conservative Mother To Fear The Worst

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This is a very opinionated community submission (letter to the editor) that stirred up an enormous amount of controversy. It was written by Sarah [full name and blog redacted by request] who submitted it for publication. What follows is her opinion.


Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?

This is the question my 6-year-old asked me on Friday afternoon. We were watching Countdown to Christmas on ABC, and a commercial came up in between watching Toy Story.

A commercial for mascara. (This type: So Lashy! Blast, which was almost immediately sold out on Amazon.)

The first image is of a boy in a backwards hat with ink and black makeup. He narrates the commercial, but doesn’t reappear until the end. In the last few scenes, he is arching his back and holding his thighs next to six or so other girls. His appears to be the most feminine of all the poses. The tagline read, “Equal is beautiful.” The final image was branded with #LashEquality.

My son watched this commercial while I wasn’t paying any attention. Because it was just a CoverGirl commercial, I didn’t think I would need to cover the screen. I was pre-occupied, speaking with David (my husband).

Both of us were caught off guard, we didn’t know how to answer. I don’t know why, but the most logical thing we could think of at that moment was to say, “No, that’s a girl.”

The commercial comes on a second time. It is undeniable, it’s a guy.

Now we knew we had to talk about it.

Daddy doesn’t wear makeup because makeup is for girls.”

Well why is that boy wearing makeup?

And now we are faced with a moral dilemma. Do I lie to my son? Or do I tell my 6-year-old my full opinion? I thought about lying and saying, “That’s how his eyes really look.” Or, do I tell the truth and have a deeper discussion with him? Maybe, “That’s the way his mommy and daddy chose to raise him. But, that’s not the way we are choosing to raise you.

Does a parent end it there? Or continue to say, “That is sinful and wrong. He shouldn’t be doing that, and his parents are wrong.”

This is truly what modern parenting has become – having to make a split decision in a single moment, and have both parents on board.

Since he is 6, and he is going to see more images like this (it appears), we decided to go the ‘fuller route.’ “That is how his parents chose to raise him...

My fear is that this will just lead to more questions. Now, we have to monitor more heavily what he is watching. Can we continue to let him watch everything? Or should we put a filter on absolutely every bit of media he is watching?

At only 6 years old, this is too early. All we wanted to do was watch an animated movie with him. I feel it is clear that every time we sit down with him and watch TV we will need to be prepared for bigger questions. It is a shame that we can’t take our eyes off our son for a single second. Thank God we homeschool.

I need to find new makeup now. I can’t support this.

I am caught in a slippery slope, now hesitant to let him go over to friend’s house. Our world is headed in a direction where my 6-year-old son is having to grow up so much faster than I want him to.

David and I must now determine how we are going to handle these big issues when we are not together. If David and I haven’t discussed something and he is alone with Mark, what will he say? Do we need to talk and then lay it all out, right now? Or do we wait for Mark and the other kids to start discovering these issues?

It is incredible how a 30 second clip created such turmoil in my house.

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203 Responses to ““Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?” - Black Friday Events Lead Conservative Mother To Fear The Worst”

  1. Jess Batchelor says:

    As a SECULAR homeschool mom of 3, these are issues that every mom is forced to answer. Even if your religion doesn't claim it is 'wrong,' its a tough question to explain to a kid, especially a 6 yearold!

    • Heather says:

      It's literally one of the simplest things to explain.

      Q. Why is he wearing makeup?
      A. Because he likes to wear makeup.

      • Lorijo says:

        when my 12 year old son asked me, I said...because some boys like to wear makeup...and some don't. He said...Ok....and then went on his way to do his own thing. Don't make this to be more than it is. There is SO much more to worried about in this world...makeup is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

      • Tim says:

        Agreed Heather, but you have to remember you're dealing with delicate snowflakes here who have a swooning fit if exposed to anything that challenges their opinions.

      • Anthony says:


      • Bob says:

        I would like to applaud Sarah for standing up for what she believes in. This was one of the best letters that I have read in a long time, and I truly wish that more of these letters had been written before our great nation hopped on the rainbow road to oblivion. Our nation was founded to be a Christian nation based off the words of the Bible, and I don't know about the rest of you, but my Bible says that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, and they didn't have to fight for 30 years or 50 years or all of eternity to make their affection accepted by the rest of the world, because He created them, male and female created he them. This is how it should be, and the day our nation sold out to the sinful nature of homosexuality, under the guise of "acceptance" and "gender is a construct", it truly lost all of my respect. All that you individuals want is to be recognized for going against what we really are, you fight so hard for it because it is WRONG and you have to fight to get it accepted. If you want to be, whatever it is you want to be, he, she, it, nothing, whatever, then go someplace else and be it. Don't corrupt the future youth of the world and force your corrupted opinions down their unsuspecting throats.

        Again, I applaud you Sarah, you have stood up for your faith, and I wish that more individuals would have the courage and faith to do as you have done. God bless you.

        • Jocelyn says:

          You do know a good chunk of the Founding Fathers were deists, right? Like James Madison (who wrote the Bill of Rights) and Thomas Jefferson (who wrote the Declaration of Independence) and maybe even George Washington himself. If you don't know, deists are not Christians. They're more like Unitarians. So yeah the US wasn't created as a Christian nation.

          Also I find it hilarious that this stuff bothers you so much. Cause honestly I would think the increasing amount of violence in media would be more concerning to parents. But no, you think what's ruining this country is people who feel romantic or even (gasp!) sexual attraction to members of the sex.

          By the way, just so you know, I'm a bisexual woman. I hope that makes you uncomfortable. Ciao!

        • stephanie says:

          who cares about someone else's choices??? if it's not personally affecting you, then it shouldn't matter. god is the only one who can judge, so while you're here spend your time being a decent human being.

        • Sara says:

          Oh my goodness, you have spouted every single right wing buzzword and catchphrase ever devised. How about the American Way of leaving other people alone and live their lives? It strikes me that you want to live the life you choose, while insisting everyone else does too. This is not all that American. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom FROM religion are basal tenets of this country. I suggest you bone up on some American history before you start teaching it to your children. Might I suggest the Constitution, followed by the Federalist Papers? And cut out the Adam and Steve stuff. It just makes you sound foolish. Some science might be good while you are at it

          • Bob says:

            The American way of leaving other people alone? Where is that located in your list of documents? I completely agree with you in one area, that I have no right to tell you how to live. Absolutely correct. The same goes for you. If you want to be, whatever you are, then by all means, be that way. But don't force your twisted philosophies down the throats of everyone on the planet, and don't expect them to want to be like you, or change the fundamental principles that they were raised with to pander to your whims. And I would also like to point out, that freedom of religion is the tenet, not freedom FROM religion as you put it. You aren't being force to practice any form of belief. If you choose to believe in nothing, or everything, or evolution, or you as your own god, then fine. But you can't stop others from believing what they believe, and if you think for a moment that a nation that once held the Bible as the highest moral standard is going to suddenly bend to your desires, and rebuild the nation based off of the ideas that this generation of " do whatever we want because it feels good and we can because we are a new idea, not some old fashioned (aka good and just) world that our parents lived in. How dare we Christians try to save what we have believed in for so long, how dare we fight for what we believe in! (Oh, and by the way, I am a creation science and history major, and have read and written about the constitution, the federalist papers, and many other such reports during the colonial period, and I do indeed know what a Deist is, and they believed in all aspects of the Bible, except the miracles. And Thomas Jefferson wrote once that he had no qualms about Christianity, and had a Bible in his home that he regularly quoted and used. If you ever wish to debate me about anything in history, I would be more than happy to do so. I have also done a good deal of research on Creation versus evolution, and where the misguided ideals of our present world have come from, and know with a pretty clear idea exactly how this world was created, and why God made it the way he did. If you wish to question his world, his laws, and his power, all the more power to you. One day all will be judged, and then you will see where the truth really lies. I;m greatly looking forward to your responses, they are the highlight of my latest report.

            • Chris says:

              Bob, you're right. All will be judged. So who are you to judge homosexuals. I'm sorry but homosexuality being a sin according to God is up for debate. It's all about interpretation. But I will leave this little bit for you from Mark 12:28-31. This is pretty clear cut and is something that all Christians should live by.

              28 And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, “Which commandment is the most important of all?” 29 Jesus answered, “The most important is, ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31 The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

            • Bob says:

              I am not judging anyone. I am simply saying that there is no reason that individuals of this identity should have any more recognition or acceptance as any other person. If you have the right to be who you are and attack those that don't like it when they are simply trying to protect their own children from what they believe is wrong, then I have the right to do the same, Simple as that. I am grateful and love all people, and I wish that they all might one day see the glory of God, and feel the blessings of his goodness and grace. There is no greater gift than forgiveness, and I know full well that the one without guilt should cast the first stone, and I am far beyond guilty, I deserve all the punishment as anyone. But I have recognized that I am a sinner, and have repented of my sin, and try very hard to not sin in the future. However, no one is perfect, and I make many mistakes, and I know it. But what I don't do is try to force my sin on others. My opinion is mine alone, and no one has to accept it. If the a huge group of people think something is wrong, chances are they might be a stickler when someone starts saying it should be accepted. But as for me, my house, and my children's houses, we will serve the Lord, which means a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and there is no acceptable deviation from this that is listed in my Bible, so I will follow this standard. If you want to be a different way, fine. Don't force me to accept it, and I won't force my opinions on you. Someday, we will all see who is right. I'm not saying it's me, but we will all see.

            • Mia says:

              Omg you are such a hypocrite. You keep screaming about not forcing their beliefs down other people's throats but you are doing just that. You have no right to force fundamentally Christian beliefs (like LGBTQ being "morally wrong" or "sinful" down everyone else's throats either. Take your own advise there buddy! Times have changed and so has this nation. Being more accepting of people who are different from you is not wrong and it is exactly the direction this nation should be heading. If you don't like someone's lifestyle DONT PARTICIPATE IN IT. That's all there is to it.

        • Simon says:

          Wow! The kid asked a question about make-up, and you want to make it about gay rights? Preoccupied much??

        • N. Gladstein says:

          Bob some of the Founding Fathers wore makeup, & whigs.. Makeup on men was a cultural norm back then.
          Both Franklin & Jefferson LOVED France, where this was a common look.

          And Jefferson edited all the fauthor based aspects of Christianity out of his bible ( only son of God, virgin birth, resurrection, etc.).. The '' Jefferson Bible", as it's called, is on display at the Smithsonian.. You should check it out.

        • Kali says:

          Nope. Sorry not sorry, but wow you need to go back to history class. This country is literally founded on or at least kick started by wanting freedom from religious prosecution. This is the reason why our church and state are meant to be separate, which is mostly true, considering we don't have a government that must answer to a church at all, which back in the good ol' 17th and 18th centuries most countries like England, were ruled directly by both, causing great stress for a long freaking time, on nobility, militaries, and civilians. We do have protestant founders, yes, but Protestantism isn't even the main sect of Christianity followed here. It's mostly Presbyterian. If you wanna go by the biblical terms, considering the modern bible was written by Catholics, unless you're Catholic, you're committing blasphemy.

          But God never said anything about men wearing make up. If he did, the manliest men ever considered to live would also be sinners, because no doubt does Chuch Norris know what a blending brush feels like on his skin.

        • Dailath Leavitt says:

          You are not to judge others, you are not to play the role of God. You sin differently, that's why we ask forgiveness. How dare you judge someone's sexuality, the sexuality God created for them. No one hopped on any rainbow road, we practice acceptance and forgiveness.

        • Sam Adams says:

          I have no idea what objecting to makeup has to do with Sarah's faith. Last time I looked there were only Ten Commandments and "Thou shalt not wear makeup" wasn't one of them.

          But joking aside, not only was the US not founded as a Christian nation, the founding fathers wore makeup (and wigs)

    • sporkfoo says:

      Literally EVERY Male you see in Magazines and Movies and Advertising is wearing makeup.

    • Dale says:

      what religion says it's wrong to wear make up? How does your religion deal with the Arts? Does it see actors as heathens?

    • Theresa Chaze says:

      Instead of making it a grand political brouhaha, she could have simply said, "because he doesn't want to." It would have answered the question, end the discussion, and everyone would have been happy. But instead she chose to make herself look foolish. Was the 15 minutes of fame worth it?

    • Sam Adams says:

      What's to explain. Just a "some boys like makeup, some don't" or even "Daddy doesn't like makeup" will end it.

      If she's still got a problem with that I can't wait to hear her answer when the kid finds out that the US Founding Fathers wore makeup.

    • Chistery says:

      Literally every single person on TV and in movies is wearing makeup. Except alicia keys. But yes- every single one, male and female. This is such a non-issue it's laughable and so very typical of the high- strung rightwing nutcases who shouldn't be schooling a dog much less a child. Ridiculous.

    • Beth says:

      Do you watch movies? Do you watch movies with men in them? Bet you ten dollars that men in those movies are wearing makeup!!! Men who are actors or make up artists for actors wear makeup and it's perfectly acceptable for them!! Why not for this young man?

      • Bob says:

        To all those that say men wear makeup all the time, you are absolutely correct, men do. But they are men, and the makeup is not to make them appear feminine, it is to make them appear more perfect under the misguided constructs of human perfection that hollywood strives for. This case is different, this is a man, who is trying to look like a woman. It isn't the makeup, it's the idea that is being conveyed. Attacking Sarah for her critique of this issue solely on the basis of men wearing makeup is like attacking and censoring spoons because they make Rosie O'Donnell fat.

        • melissa says:

          "Attacking Sarah for her critique of this issue solely on the basis of men wearing makeup is like attacking and censoring spoons because they make Rosie O'Donnell fat."

          what the heck? that was the worst "analogy" I have ever heard (well, read) in my life.

          • Bob says:

            Only because you don't have the analytical skills required to see the resemblances between the two. If you really looked deep into what you are all bashing Sarah for, you would see that you are attacking the smallest of concepts, not her core idea, because for that you have no argument for, because it was correct. It isn't the makeup that is the problem, it's the idea behind it. It's not the spoons, its the food that is on them that is being shoveled in. Follow that if you can, bash me if you can't.

            • Shanda says:

              When your beliefs cause harm to another human, you no longer have the right to stand up for that belief. It's like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater: you are responsible for the people harmed in the stampede resulting from your freedom of speech. Teaching intolerance, fear, and hate to our children perpetuates the stampede that tramples people who are different from you. Hate crimes abound because intolerance spreads.

              I pray for you that you will learn tolerance yourself. I pray for this child that he will learn tolerance as well. Living with so much fear and anger and hatred against the people around you is exhausting and unhealthy. Stop looking at differences and start looking at commonalities.

        • Sam Adams says:

          Bob, what makes you think this man is trying to look like a woman? He's just trying to look like a man in makeup.

    • Amelia says:

      I'm christian and have never read anywhere in the bible that men wearing makeup is wrong. Please explain?

    • liv says:

      Your ignorance is contagious. He is simply expressing himself without hurting anyone. What's wrong about a person wanting to wear makeup, regardless of their gender. Makeup brings confidence and empowerment. Stop preaching ignorance and judgement.

  2. Born Again MomOf5 says:

    Consumerism in America SUCKS. Companies will do ANYTHING in advertisements in order for their product to get eyeballs.

  3. Anon says:

    We encountered this after driving past a transvestite pedestrian. I simply told my daughter that the Bible forbids men to wear things that belong to women, and this man was committing a serious sin. Which didn't mean that we shouldn't treat him kindly - only that we shouldn't approve of his behaviour. Not really difficult to explain to a six year old : )

    • Heather says:

      Transvestite? What century are you living in?

    • Cole says:

      Where exactly is that in the bible?

      • Roxanne says:

        I think he is referring to Deut 22:5b... My issue with that is that, as my former pastor used to say, "Text out of context is a pretext". I think that in order to understand the half verse he is referencing, an understanding of the entire chapter, including going back to the original Hebrew, is required. I would encourage him to do just that, he may have a different belief after that.....

        • Paula says:

          As a minister myself, yes, the Bible says men shouldn't wear the clothing of women and vice versa. OK ladies... ever wear jeans or maybe your husband's/boyfriend's shirt or sweater? Do you eat shellfish? Do you go outside the city gates when it's your 'time of the month'? Wear clothing of two different fabrics? Do you actively participate in stoning those who are divorced? My children are at times unruly... what do you think a fair price would be when I sell them into slavery...as the Bible suggests? If you want to claim a very few passages, be sure you read the rest and follow them as closely as you want to when you reach out and bash people. And what about God's unconditional love for all creation? How about Jesus' radical welcome, acceptance and inclusion? Does that count for nothing? Jesus went out of his way to reach out and include all... why do so many choose to read only select verses to bash and exclude?

    • Ty Justice says:

      Really? I didn't know the bible had a list of items that girls can use vs what boys may use. Can you please point me to the area that says boys should not get an earing? wear makeup? even wear a dress? IT DOES NOT EXIST.

    • Andrew Littler says:

      Why does it matter what the Bible says? Why doesn't it matter what Harry Potter says? How about Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, or anything by Margaret Atwood?

      • Neither Pot nor Kettle says:

        To be fair, we'd be better off if we all paid more attention to the words of Ms. Atwood.

    • Erin Fuller says:

      I am glad to see you had the courage and fortitude to leave out your name My Name is Erin Fuller I am a Transsexual Transgender female oh I know bug name huh. America is a great country it was great way before Donald Trump decided to run for president it will continue to be great long after he is gone. Transgender is a term that describes a number of identity's and sexuality's. I am going out on a limb and take a guess that you are a anti science type and fully rely on what the bible tells you about the world we live in. America allows you to practice your faith no matter the denomination. Your religious beliefs in no way dictate to me or others how we experience our lives I am here to tell you all you all that you dont know about Transgender. I knew from five years old that my gender my sense of maleness or femaleness just did not align with the sex anatomy I was born with. I was assigned a sex and gender that I could not would not ever accept I was persistent and consistent that though I was born with ambiguous male sex anatomy I rejected my gender assignment. People would comment about me what a sweet"boy" I was and I would try and correct them and tell them I was a girl not a boy. I did this to around ten years old thats when I began to try and rip away my genitals they were not mine I didn't want them. My parents efforts to forbid me to express my true self were a mix of physical abuse and psychological abuse between closed fists I was told that I will burn in hell that I will be denied entry into heaven all the usual "conversion" Technics. from ten years old on I relented I suffered from it I with drew I became depressed and for a long time I wished I could just die. At thirty seven years old I attempted my first suicide it was with a fire arm a pistol a 45 auto then the following year I tried electrocution a tub and a toaster the usual pills and alcohol the year after that then throwing my self off a bridge. Eventually I came to the realization I was meant to stay here for some reason I am made to stay here for the first time in my life I seen a gender specialist I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder now know as Gender Identity Dysphoria I began to leave the live that was never mine and began the live of who I am. in 2010 I can tell you what Transitioning from assigned sex and gender of male to who I really am has done to me the major sever clinical depression I had since ten years old is all but gone my attitude my mood has improved significantly I did years of research inorder to learn why I was born Transsexual Transgender the internet is a wonderful tool much information can be had if your willing to seek it. Humans by nature are curious always wanting to learn about people places and things. Its amazing what you can learn from the internet all is just a key stroke away.

    • Elaine Richardson says:

      Seriously I'm religious I'm somewhat conservative too however I'm also a successful business owner and Comercial pilot with a extensive education and wonderful family I'm also a woman that works as a model and representative I'm a vegan can I spend time donating to charities and running marathons I'm the girl that will cook and bring a wonderful dish to your fundraiser or church and I make Christmas cookies give out to everybody what I didn't mention until now who is this I started my life out as a male I'm a beautiful woman today don't put people in a box and don't discriminate I did not find out until later i was actually predominantly female I sort of suspected it but I was fearing how people would treat me yah I had a males part however I always was struggling to act and perform as a man although I did a good job at it it was killing me doctors later confirmed I was actually predominantly female I was told we all fall someplace in between both sexes to some degree just like race Your
      Not 100% anything . Let people be who they need to be and love them.

    • Sam Adams says:

      The bible also says that women shouldn't wear things that belong to men. Does that mean that everytime you see a woman wearing pants you tell him the same thing?

    • Eric says:

      You are aware that male actors wear makeup on a daily basis for their jobs right? Also, what's sinful about makeup? I used to use it to cover acne in high school. No one noticed or cared. I hope you're setting up a fund for your child's therapy later on in life

    • Anno says:

      What bible are you reading?? In the book of Romans it speaks about being sexually confused. However, it is not our place to judge. We must love everyone because of our own salvation. I'm Christian, and I tell my kids... some guys like makeup. Period!
      If they ask me why, my answer is...because people are all different and I can't speak for him. Only he knows that answer.

    • Velcro Gibbon says:

      Where does the Bible define what "belongs to men" and what "belongs to women"?

      You realize that fashion has changed drastically since those words were written, and at times types of fashion have switched gender from men to women or vice versa. Right?

  4. Ghic says:

    What issue? Seriously, what issue??? And in your bible, really... men wore trousers and women wore makeup? I think it's a societal thing, much like wearing makeup in general was a sign of being a prostitute. If you've no issue with women slathering it on their faces, why do you have be a jerk if a guy does it? In my 45 years on Earth, I've seen men wearing make up on television and in music groups my entire life.

    Serious sin???? Come on, don't be daft.

    Be a parent and say, "Some people like wearing makeup, some people don't. I like wearing it, but Daddy doesn't." What are you afraid of? If your son is straight, makeup won't change his sexuality.

    • Edward Fadigan says:

      "What are you afraid of?"

      She's afraid that exposure to cultural differences will make it harder for her to instill her own prejudices, into his young mind.

      If she doesn't show a marked disapproval of this behavior - what in God's name might be next?

      Eating meat on a Friday? Working on a Sunday? Hamburgers with CHEESE!?

      It's a slippery slope, my friend. A slippery slope, indeed.


  5. Heather says:

    I'm an atheist homeschooler and I'm really confused by this. Why does it matter that a boy is wearing makeup? Can't you just tell your kids that sometimes boys like to wear makeup? That's what I told mine. They seem fine. If this is what you would call a "big issue", methinks you are in for some rough teenage years.

  6. Beau Quilter says:

    Gee, I don't know, maybe the answer to the kid's question is a simple: "Daddy doesn't want to wear make-up." Wouldn't that be better than the more complicated: "Because Daddy and I are bigots who believe that every lifestyle but our own is nasty, scary, and sinful. Now go play and for the love of God stay out of your sisters make-up!"

    But, of course, the real danger of any of these answers is that they might lead to (gasp!) MORE QUESTIONS. God forbid our child should ask questions!

    Perhaps you should go hideout in some remote place without televisions or computers, so as not to disturb your child's delicate upbringing with scary visions of marriage equality, pink boys bicycles, or people who ask questions. Isn't that why you chose to homeschool in the first place? To ward off the asking of questions?

  7. Betsy Ross says:

    I hope everyone is fully aware that there is no homeschool shaming going on here. This is a homeschool news/blog website, of course *everything* on here is going to be about homeschooling. What were you expecting???

    • Beau Quilter says:

      The only people I see shaming homeschooling here are the homeschoolers who write ridiculous articles like this, showcasing their own bigotry.

  8. Ross says:

    What makes makeup something for girls? Makeup is used by performers of all types. Models, clowns, musicians, street performers, theater television and film personalities all wear makeup. Why is something used professionally by many men suddenly a transgressive choice when made personally? Perhaps the question should be inverted? Why does one woman wear makeup and another not?

    I'm not trying to change your mind on the acceptability of makeup for men. I only ask these questions because if this is a difficult issue causing turmoil in your home, then I fear you have much worse to come. Children are always going to ask questions, and answering them often requires an adult's understanding. If you have an nuanced understanding of why something is right or wrong, are available to your child to help them understand the reason, and have agreed with your co-parent on the values you want to teach, then even issues that haven't been discussed with your co-parent can be addressed.

  9. bargal20 says:

    Wait until you have to explain to your kid why George Washington wore makeup. Washington wore more face powder and rouge than any girl at my high school ever did.

  10. Eric Grant says:

    Could someone please share a Bible verse that outlines correct usage of face painting?

  11. Laura says:

    Makeup isn't just for girls however more females choose to wear it in public than males. Men on TV, movies and in theatre wear makeup. Many women, like myself, choose to not wear it. (Does that make me less than a woman? No, of course not.) If your child asks, why doesn't daddy wear makeup, the answer is simply, because men don't usuallyou wear it and daddy doesn't want to. If someone's choice to wear makeup affects you so greatly then turn off your TV because every man you see on TV wears it to look better on camera.

  12. Tim White says:

    I agree that it is incredible what turmoil a commercial caused in the author's household. It's also incredible that the author seems to have no idea that her and her husband are the ones who actually caused it.

  13. Delani says:

    Wow. That's a lot of homophobia masquerading as 'concern.

    Seriously, lady. It's a two second conversation.

    "Why doesn't daddy wear make up"

    "Because he doesn't want to."


    Boom. You're done.

  14. Court says:

    Sooo basically the writer of this piece is homophobic and dances around that like it's a damn fire spitting flames at her and she doesn't know how to say the phrase "make up is for anyone who wants to wear it."

    I'm glad not all HS parents are this petty and ignorant...

  15. DD says:

    Men were the FIRST to wear makeup or are you too daft to realize that?!?! Same as high heels! Men also wore wigs long before females did. I feel sorry for your kids that they are being raised and taught nothing but the small amount of biased, and bigoted information you possess. Hopefully they'll find someone with at least some intelligence to prepare them for the real world.

  16. Natty says:

    I know Sarah won't accept this answer because she thinks sex roles are written in the stars, but sex-typed behavior and appearance are largely cultural artifacts. Of course, you can adopt whatever you like as a matter of taste, but it is childish and arrogant to assert that those who don't share your tastes have offended the gods.

  17. Hector Arvizu says:

    I'm going to add my two cents here, but I think parents should have that deeper conversation with their children. Afterall, the duty of a parent is to enrich the lives of their children through education and to give them different perspectives on life.

    There is no right or wrong way of living life (within reason).

    I think that if I were in that situation, I would have answered "that young man wants to wear makeup and that's fine. It's uncommon in our culture, but people should still be treated with respect for their actions as long as they aren't hurting anyone or intentionally bothering someone else."

    But what do I know, I'm not a parent.

    • Sara says:

      He is 6. That answer is at least 10 years old.

      • Sarah Elmore says:

        If you have had open and reasonable and straightforward conversations and sharing of varied information with your and haven't spent 6 years talking to him in baby-talk, making up nicknames for body parts because you feel uncomfortable speaking to your young child with the actual medical and accurate name for the vagina/penis/scrotum/breasts (or any such with holding of facts & spoon feeding baby bites of knowledge & none that don't agree with your religious views), a 6 year old is absolutely capable of understanding and making sense of Hector's answer.
        Heck- my 4yo niece easily understood and was able to ask smart questions about the topic after I gave her an explanation very similar to what Hector typed.

        If you treat your child- or any child- like they are too young to understand things like the above-- which is basic human decency-, then of course they won't understand it because you have withheld the tools for early critical thinking from them.

  18. Carrie Pomeroy says:

    I am often amazed at how some Christians define their faith in terms of judging other people and walling themselves off from other people instead of practicing the kind of radical love and welcome that Jesus preached. It boggles my mind, to be honest, and it also saddens me, because I know the suffering it causes to the people who are cast out because of their sexual preference or gender identity. We're talking real, lasting, excruciating pain caused by the kind of pettiness evidenced in this post. So, so sad.

    • Neither Pot nor Kettle says:

      These "Christians" are not actually Christ-followers. Their words and actions show them to be Anti-Christs.

  19. Brien Doyle says:

    First of all - it is not a 'sin' as that concept is a religious construct for the sole purpose of control and punishment; and as such, along with the threat of burning in hell, is child abuse!
    Next, since this is reality in a real world - just tell the truth!

    • TELLTHE TRUTH says:

      Wrong answer again! Man the devil got yall mixed up! oh what do you know about religion? Let's talk about the law of God!!!!!!

      • Neither Pot nor Kettle says:

        TTT, your poe-trolling isn't working.

      • Sarah Elmore says:

        Aww!! It's so cute how you try so hard to be a big bad mean twoll, Twuthy! You get an A for effort - but an F for effectiveness. Try again!

  20. Melissa says:

    Why is this mother making such a big deal out of nothing? If her son hasn't said anything it is probably because he didn't notice. If the child asks you simply say "Some men/boys wear makeup. But dad doesn't." End of story. Crazy huge problem over. There are people in this world who are homeless, hungry, dying and in pain. That is a real problem. Real Christians don't judge.

    • TELLTHE TRUTH says:

      No wrong answer,
      that's like telling your child there is a real Santa Claus!

    • Brianna says:

      Maybe they do judge, and thats why so many people leave christianity, because half the christians judge and the other half claim that real christians do not judge.

  21. Amy Curtis says:

    You realize that makeup for men isn't forbidden in the Bible? Dressing in women's garments is forbidden, not make up. If you are going to base your life and parenting on a book, maybe you should...I don't know...actually bother reading it? Men in Egypt wore Kohl eyeliner, Moses was a Prince in Egypt, he dressed as one-including eyeline. Hmmm....maybe you don't actually know all that much about your own religion (or world cultures, or history, or parenting). You could have explained that some men in some cultures wear make up, you could have explained that he was a paid model and it was part of his job to wear makeup (newsflash btw-EVERY MAN on TV and in flims and on stage wears make up as part of their jobs), or you could have said "Daddy chooses not to" and left it at that. Honestly, this blog is one of the saddest, stupidest arguments for banning homeschooling. If you cannot handle basic questions like this, you have flat out zero business educating anyone.

    • TELLTHE TRUTH says:

      Sorry to jump in but you are wrong! so why is daddy wearing makeup when he is off the job and in public? Yes wearing applies only to men when they are in tv and films!

      • SJGeer says:

        No, men are able to wear makeup whenever they feel like it. It's actually quite a modern notion that men shouldn't wear makeup- historically most cultures had men wearing as much or more than women.

  22. Chelsea Ward says:

    LOL Sarah made her blogspot invitation only.

    • Kasey says:

      Wow. I do not personally homeschool but advocate for anyone who can and does.

      This article makes me sad because if she doesn't want to spend her money with Cover Girl due to their newest model that's completely her choice. But to make such bigoted and ugly statement for the world to see and attach it to homeschooling.... we'll, that's where I start to get fiesty.

      Sarah.... I hope your son not only is home schooled but lives in a plastic bubble. Maybe you can tutor him all the way through college! Then he'll never have to leave home where all the freaks and transvestites are! Better get the Lysol too! I think he touched something!

  23. Rita says:

    mmm.... so sad that a family can be so distraught about someone else's life choices. What was wrong with saying "that boy likes wearing makeup." Or "that boy wants to be a girl". Hiding your kid from the world is not gonna make the world stop. I'll be on my way to buy some cover girl. Even though I"m allergic to their makeup 🙁

  24. jeannie says:

    She is not afraid of the makeup, that is an excuse, she is afraid that her son will see a boy wearing makeup and that her son will find it appealing and end up living a life that the bible does not support and names as a sin. Most Christians do not know their bibles enough to know how they very rule book they follow cannot even make up its mind about what is right and what is wrong. Contradictions throughout, and I know because I was a christian for 30 years.

    • Brianna says:

      26 years for me. I can most definantly relate.

    • Michele says:

      FYI wiyh nothing to fo with boys in makeup, really but King James' version and translations from it r off as first of all nothing was written until the time of the kings, everything was oral tradition till then, passed down generation to generation etc since adam n eve times...anyone remember that game whisper down the aisle? What comes out at the end is completely diff than when it started so a grain o' salt should be applied for sure. Then the Bible has also been translated, retranslated through time, peoples, languages, Traditional and cultural understandings etc. oxford with apocrypha and annotations is translated from scratch and from the scrolls themselves. (OT is fragmentary and filled in with the septuagint-(oldest full version wn the rabbinical authorities were commissioned to translate for the greek authorities into koine, informal, greek) and the NT scrolls in full. Plus there have been books removed since Jesus, others put in...further, when there was the split into northern kingdom of jerusalem and the southern kingdom of judah is when the stuff was written down within their respective kingdoms' temples and then priestly writers came in and tried to tie all the scrolls together to try to form a united front and people in the face of imminent invasion by assyrians and babylonians. These priestly writers put in their stories as well and did a LOT of editting to weave it together. They write more flowery. So if u read one verse thats saying david sinned, look at those judeans, sinning away, u wont find god down in those temples...next verse look at those northerners and temples...so also check the maps as ur reading to see who was wroting each contradiction. I was plagued with that question myself as a kid and took it upon myself to find why

  25. Phillip Ians says:

    My son also realised he was gay aged about 6. He's a respected musical theatre director now. I wish you all the best on the wonderful journey that awaits you all!

  26. TELLTHE TRUTH says:


    • Reikirobyn says:

      So George Washington, John Adams. Thomas Jefferson, princes, kings, warriors,,, are all burning in h*** due to their makeup? As well as all the women wearing pantsuits? I have left the Skyfairy behind.

  27. Steve says:

    That lady's kid is going to blossom into such a piece of ****.

  28. Perspe says:

    I feel sorry for her child. My child
    Is the same age and if they were ever to be roommates in college I hope my son isn't on the receiving end of her son's rude awakening. Yikes.

  29. DutchGirl says:

    My 4 Year old son sometimes asks me, when i'm putting on make up , to also put a bit of mascara on his eye lashes and powder on his cheeks. And yes, i will do it. I live in the Netherlands... This christian bla bla bla is luckily almost non existent over here. I'm feeling so sad for this little boy, who is already thaught you have to judge people based on a 'book' 🙁

  30. Brynn says:

    "Men shouldn't wear makeup because its a serious sin."

    Uhh... and President-Elect Trump was naturally that brilliant shade of orange? Pretty sure you voted for him anyway.

  31. Dano says:

    I think its easy to explain to your kids, I just say well unfortunately there are a lot of people in the world with serious ****** problems.

  32. Bryan Irrera says:

    Wow! Can you imagine the stroke this woman would have if she saw a music video from the band "Kiss" or went to literally any stage production (what does she think the men in the cast of "Cats" or even "Godspell" or "The Sound of Music" are wearing?

    That's right! Make-up!

  33. sharon says:

    why can't you just say, "Daddy doesn't wear makeup because he doesn't want to. Anyone can choose to wear makeup. not all girls or women wear it either." This is not a tough question. However, you are turning it into one. Just be honest. Tell him that everyone is different and Covergirl embraces that. But your husband doesn't choose to wear makeup. then, also tell him that if he chooses to wear makeup when he is older, you will still love him. Because we all need to love and support our kids no matter what their path in life.

  34. SJGeer says:

    Talk about first world problems. How hard is it to tell a kid that some boys wear makeup and some don't, just like some girls wear makeup and some don't? Kids are remarkably accepting unless someone (usually an awful parent) teaches them not to be. Just like the vast majority of kids easily accept seeing a gay couple and hearing "sometimes boys love other boys, and sometimes they love girls" or "some men marry other men just like mommy married daddy" without issue unless told differently.

    If your whole parenting philosophy can be undone by a thirty second clip of a boy wearing makeup, the problem is NOT with the commercial or modern society. Never mind how harmful it is to teach a child that anyone different from them was "raised wrong" or "sinful".

  35. M says:

    Seriously you're offended? You need to go back to school. Both men & women have been wearing makeup for centuries.
    All you had to say is some people both male & female wear makeup & some don't. If asked why some do & why some don't an answer could've been they just like it, could be covering a scar or birthmark, etc.

  36. Karen says:

    It appears in your family you have a preference that only girls wear makeup. You may even hold that as a "value". If it is so hard for you to explain your preferences and values to your own children that they wither in the face of a contrary example you are going to find it very difficult to instill those preferences and values in the next generation. If you define yourself in opposition to the world, stop expecting the world to exclusively represent your pointment of view.

  37. Jacquellinne Haller says:

    If you are offended by a makeup commercial then might I suggest one of two options...tell your child the truth, "there are ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE in this world. Some boys choose to wear makeup, others don't. Your other parent and I don't agree with boys wearing makeup because we are bigots and we base our ignorant beliefs on a book of fiction, but that is our right in this country because brave people fight for our right to hate them."

    Or throw out your television, your computers and phones/tablets, and burn most of your books (or better yet donate all of these items to a charity that can put them to good use).

    The cold harsh reality is that James Charles (that is the guy in the Covergirl mascara commercial) is not a new phenomenon. News anchors have been wearing makeup for years, do you not watch the evening news? It's obvious you think the LGBT community is just a bunch of sinners, which is your loss. BTW, you might want to turn off that computer because some of the most prominent people in the world of computers are Gay and Transgender, and some of then wear...mascara!

    Yeah, I'm being mean to you because you are living in the dark ages. Be honest with your kid, you're a bigot and you are going to do your best to turn him into one too. Or worse you'll hate your kid for being one of THOSE people (cause if he's asking why guys don't wear makeup at 6 he might be sending you signals...are you a good enough human being to hear him and let him discover who he is?).

  38. Amor DeCosmos says:

    Wow, if you teach your children to fear people who are different, how are they going to function as adults? God made healthy, heterosexual, white, English speaking, Christian, Americans... but He also made crippled people and homosexual people and black people, and people who speak different languages, and people of different religions and people from different countries and people who are not at all like you. Get over yourself and your own fears and biases. Teach your children to love and respect all of God's creations, not just the ones that reflect your personal experience.

  39. This is Ridiculous says:

    This is shameful. Do not raise your child to think negative thoughts about another person based on their appearance or how they decide to dress. Are we really even having this discussion? Just say, "Some people wear makeup because they like it. Others don't." Don't get on a moral soapbox.

  40. Tyler says:

    You know what? This article is amazing.

    1) There are over 70 comments here, almost all of them explaining why it isn't a big deal to wear makeup or defending the model.

    2) This site is promoting REAL free speech. They didn't endorse this crazy woman's view in this article, but they were willing to publish it. And I'm sure they knew they were going to take some heat for allowing this woman's opinion to be heard. There are some absolutely awful comments on other sites that I've seen. And that sucks for them. Not only that, they are allowing comments on their own site and it doesn't seem like they are discriminating against any comments.

    3) FREE SPEECH WINS. Anyone who reads this article is going to walk away knowing there is a strong rebuttal to the view that men shouldn't wear makeup thanks to all of these strong comments.

  41. Neither Pot nor Kettle says:

    Hey, guess what, lady: your personal, very insular and limited experience is NOT the same as everyone else. Furthermore, your evidently extremely limited scope of knowledge is NOT sufficient, period.

    If you are so "passionate about learning," you would have a better knowledge and understanding of history, society, and culture. And when you encountered something with which you were unfamiliar, instead of freaking out, you'd educate yourself about it.

    Cosmetics have not and never have been "just for girls." There have been times and places in which the use of cosmetics was very much en vogue for men and women and there have been times and places in which the use of cosmetics was considered verboten for both men and women. While for the past hundred years or so in Europe and North America cosmetics have been predominantly marketed towards and used by women, their use has never been limited solely to women. Not only does every man who appears on television, film, stage, or in print advertisement have on makeup, many men wear makeup in every day life. The fact that *you* were unaware of the history of cosmetics use and of its current usage is not the fault of a cosmetics company. The fault is yours.

    Next time you are confronted with something that is unfamiliar or that makes you uncomfortable: educate yourself about it and examine why it makes you uncomfortable. This is what people who truly are "passionate about learning" do.

  42. Aly says:

    I can't believe that she wasn't able to redirect her 6-year old son. The CoverGirl commercial isn't the problem here, it's the parents. Why don't some parents just let their kids be kids? I'll bet they could've had their son talking about something different 2 seconds after the first commercial was viewed and he wouldn't think twice about it. The second time the commercial came on, if it was that bothersome to mom and dad, they would have rallied around the little guy and started to sing a song, or talk loudly and with animation to get his eyes off the television. Parenting is just not that hard. Parents just don't need to bog their kids down with adult conversations. For the mom to now be concerned if the child can be with one parent when these tough questions come up.... YOU, as a parent, have the power to say, "let's talk about that later with mommy/daddy". I guarantee you that a child of 6 will say "okay" and guess what? They won't even think about it again because their minds are full of cars, trucks, and "can I get a cookie today".

    Since she's already opened the doors of communication on this topic with her 6-year old, she probably doesn't think she can turn back but she can. She can drop the subject and bring it up in 6 or so years. Maybe by then she will have more clarity in her heart and mind and see all human beings as equal and that people do not choose to be LGBT. After all, did she choose to be straight?

  43. Jennifer Jackson says:

    I am so done with CoverGirl. The CoverGirlBoy is just out there to draw more attention to himself.

    • Velcro Gibbon says:

      Not to himself, to the magazine. The same as everyone else on the covers of magazine. That's what they're paid for.

  44. Jennifer T says:

    Cudos to all thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  45. Sam Adams says:

    I'm sure she'll be shocked to learn that once upon a time (not very long ago) pink was the color for boys and blue was the color for girls.

  46. Mommyish Reader says:

    I just came here from Mommyish, skimmed through the comments here and I think you will benefit from reading another comment from Mommyish.

    Unpopular opinion: I agree with Sarah that our children are growing up faster than we probably want them to. I've had conversations with my son that my parents never had to have with me at his age (9). It's not just a dilemma facing Christina homeschooling moms; it's a dilemma facing parents everywhere as a byproduct of living in our society's high-tech information age.

    But it's not all bad, and this ad is a great example of that. Because instead of telling my kid that only girls wear makeup and men wearing makeup is sinful and wrong, I would get to have a great discussion about people doing different things. I would get to bridge that gender gap a little bit by saying "Makeup is for anyone who chooses to wear it." And I would hopefully be helping my child think of these things as no big deal, thus leading him to be more accepting than previous generations.

    Maybe I'm too idealistic. Whatever. I'm okay with that.

    I was thinking of the conversations I've had to have with my son over the past year - racism, mass shootings, police shootings, terrorism (just to name a few) - and these were conversations my parents didn't have to have with me or with any of my friends. I accept these conversations as part of being a parent, but I sometimes wish I didn't have to have them.

  47. Justin W says:

    I run into this problem all the time! I'd recommend watching RuPaul's Drag Race. It's a great TV show that explains everything in a conservative and Christian way! Give it a try!

  48. Velouria says:

    You're worrying about something that is literally nothing to worry about.

    Men wear makeup in tribes, they powdered their faces in France, men have had long hair all throughout history.

    Moires that were literally invented in the 1950's are suddenly thrust forward as The Way Things Have Always Been. Nope. Not even close.

  49. Jenisaisquoi says:

    As the mother of a profoundly disabled child who is entirely non-verbal, I actually resent this woman. What I'd give for my 10 year old autistic son to be able to ask me any question, even an awkward one. This is what qualifies as a problem which causes turmoil in your life lady? Spend a day in my life and find out what turmoil means. Short of that, your just another shallow bigot who attacks anyone who isn't just like you. Does this boy wearing makeup somehow make him have less value? What do you know about HIS struggles and how might he feel to know you're out there reviling him for daring to be different? People who don't have any real problems engaged in faux outrage over inane nonsense like this are incredibly offensive to those of us who DO have real problems. You think you're so Godly or somehow more righteous or better than than this boy or his parents? You disgust me.....thoroughly. Maybe you lack the depth to be a parent. God help any of your children if they're ever diagnosed with any real problem. I doubt you have the depth or fortitude to manage anything of substance outside the tiny little box that is your mind. I don't know how to explain to my 4 children how such hateful small people exist and that we all have to share a planet with them, but I'll try to find a way because they'll eventually be faced with similar bigotry and need to know how to deal with it.

    • Sam Shelly says:

      This was profoundly beautiful. You brought me to the verge of tears. To think that without this simple-minded opinion submission I would have never read your comment.

      In fact, many of the comments in this thread are profound. As a frequent visitor of homeschool base, I wasn't too surprised to see this article posted like so many people were. At first, I think people were offended the staff hadn't removed this article, that they would support free speech to the level of leaving this opinion up under their website. But now I truly suspect they have used this article to shed massive light onto what is, in realty, a tiny and minority belief represented by a woman who experienced so much backlash she set her personal blog to private. Scanning through all of these comments, who could ever believe that the majority of homeschoolers are simple minded fundamentalists.

    • Davy says:

      Maybe stop touting your autistic child's struggles as your own.

      • Jenisaisquoi says:

        If you knew a thing about autism, or any severe disability, which you clearly don't, you'd know the struggle of the parents and siblings is at times greater than the struggle of the person with a disability. My son is also intellectually disabled, which for him, is a blessing. For us though, as is the case with all parents of children with profound special needs, it is an incredible daily struggle. Learn something about people with needs and their caretakers before you mouth off. Show some decency and respect for the suffering of others.

  50. Tyler Malone says:

    Moral dilemma??? Really?? Concerned that lying to a SIX YEAR OLD child about this issue is a moral dilemma? WTF I bet she did not have any problems lying to the child about Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The family dog was sent to a farm, etc...

    Simple Don't Lie ! The boy he saw was a model. Model and actors wear makeup.

  51. Your Thinking Bit is Broke says:

    Listen you [redacted], EVERY SINGLE MAN your kid sees on television or in movies is wearing makeup.

    Furthermore, it's not the world's problem that you had to stop for a solitary minute to explain something to your kid. Leave us out of it.

    [Profanities have been removed from this comment]

  52. elspeth ipswich says:

    as someone who homeschooled my spawn back in the 80's, i have to say it warms my heart to read these responses. this transgendered parent thanks you all for letting me know that things really have changed, and indeed, gotten better.

    also, is it odd to anyone else that the go-to "logical" response described in the article is to lie to the child? she lies to him outright at the very beginning, and then later wonders if she should lie to him again.

  53. Tired of Homophic Idiots says:

    Oh, get a grip, mommy. I've had this conversation many times with my 7-year-old daughter on many occasions. It's as simple as saying, "there are boys who enjoy wearing makeup, and it's NO BIG DEAL." Grow up. This is the world you're living in, and the more you make a big deal about this, the worse you will make it for your son. Shrug your shoulders and move on.

  54. Elle says:

    I like how the author appears to have a conflict with "makeup" but is really masking the real reason for her discomfort. Makeup on men equals gay or trans to her. She's terrified of explaining gay. She's scared her son is going to want to wear makeup and be gay too now! OMG! TV and covergirl are going to make her son gay if she doesn't police what he watches every second of the day. Please people, just say that boy is wearing makeup because he wants to, and love your kids no matter what they end up being.

  55. Myra says:

    If you don't want your child to be exposed to the "sinful, Babylonian world" . . . don't sit him in front of a TV! But isolating him from the world will only make him rebel when he's older.

  56. Robin says:

    Burn the tv. And blacken the windows. You can't let your child see such sinful things. He might start to think it's normal or acceptable for people to be different...then you won't be able to shame him when he is different! It'll be anarchy!

  57. Michael says:

    Some real traditional values right there. Deny reality and lie to your kid. Smh.

  58. robbert says:

    For an alleged "christian", this ignorant mom sure likes to lie a lot. Guess she hasn't read, or conveniently forgot about John 8:44.

    44 Ye are of your father the devil... and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  59. Clark says:

    Sarah Disagrees (thats her SN) is a total moron. People have a right to put what they want on their faces free of ignorant judgement. You want to maintain foolish double-standards, that's 100% your prerogative, but don't you dare push your agenda on children. Parents do NOT have limitless rights over their kids, and must make concessions to their kid's free will. If a boy wants to wear makeup, let him. It's not a gay thing, it's not a feminine thing, it's simply wanting to look beautiful, something that's equally valuable to both men and women.

  60. Cindy Doug says:

    Hey CoverGirl, when are you changing your name to CoverPerson so that you can be politically correct? When are the people of this universe finally going to stand up and say enough is enough!? Not many people actually want to be seeing commercials like this... they simply know they can't complain or THIS will happen to them.

  61. Joslyn says:

    Make-up on a man is not a moral quandry. I really hope you have the sense to know that and you can't shelter your child from the world forever. You intimated that James' pose was more feminine than the women models. Do you have a problem with the gays, maybe?
    Please teach your child tolerance and acceptance of ALL people. This is a better life skill tham assuming your way is better than others. Also, Cover Girl literally covered your column, so I may buy some!

  62. khill says:

    FYI. The bible doesn't say anything about boys wearing makeup. So to call that a sin in the name of religion is bad parenting on your end. PLEASE, reflect on your thinking a little more.

  63. Heather says:

    This created turmoil? You have had one **** of an easy life. I want your problems.

    Just say makeup is for male actors and models. Because it is. This really isn't soooooo hard. Dad's job doesn't need make up like the guy on TV and mom wears it because she likes it (hint: girls are not required to wear it either) - The end. The only one adding anything more to it is you. Good lord.

  64. Elikabee says:

    Wearing makeup is a choice for anyone, male or female. Please remember that MANY women also choose not to wear makeup. The expectation of women to wear makeup, and it being wrong for a man to wear makeup is a social construction and has been fed to people for many many years. But as others have noted above, even our founding fathers wore makeup. Actors (TV and movies) wear makeup. Dancers wear makeup. Musicians wear makeup. Models wear makeup (men and women). The president-elect wears makeup!
    I feel that Nicole Dean (and many others) have sort of cherry-picked what they feel like following from The Bible, and have also chosen to ignore the teaching that God is the only one who can and should judge someone else for their actions or way of life. Thus, a Christian, should also believe that passing judgment will in turn result in being judged yourself. It saddens me to think that so many Christians are being so judgmental, and not accepting anyone who is different from themselves. God accepts everyone, why can't you do the same, and teach your children to accept others the way they are? Six years old is certainly not too young to start learning about acceptance, and morals of being a GOOD person.

    • Nicole Dean says:

      I have refrained from responding to comments on this, but since you used my name I felt the need... It is usually beneficial to read an article before commenting on it. The first sentence reads, "This is an opinionated community submission (letter to the editor), written by Sarah [redacted by request] who submitted it for re-publication to me."

      I'm not the editor here, but I was contacted and agreed to submit a community post. Because Sarah received a huge number of insults, hatemail, and threats, her details were removed from this post [redacted by request].

  65. Bethany Lep says:

    Haha, anyone else see TYT covered this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BDch2lWwOc

    • Elikabee says:

      My apologies for naming you rather than the author, Nicole Dean. I did in fact read the article presented here (as opposed to what you insinuated in your reply), and merely misspoke. I'm sorry the author received hatemail and threats, that is certainly NOT my intention here, by any means. My intention is to merely question opinions here and spark thoughtful discussion about the topic presented here.

  66. Poison says:

    May I direct this mother to this video:
    1986. I was 16. I saw them in concert multiple times. And MANY bands were doing. Tell her kid some men do and some men don't and move on.

  67. Velcro Gibbon says:

    " “That is sinful and wrong. He shouldn’t be doing that, and his parents are wrong.”"

    Why would you tell your son that? There is NOTHING in the Bible that says it's sinful for a boy to wear makeup. Where did you get that ridiculous idea?

  68. NoFearPeopleAreHuman says:

    Clearly a homophobic helicopter mom, who doesn't have the psychological skills to cope on her own, that she's inflecting fear in to her child. Sheltering her child so he can't see a commercial at a friends house. For God's sake. She needs to see a psychiatrist. There was a study published last year in Italy that documents that most homophobic people often have psychological issues. Clearly from her blog its evident.

    All she had to do was tell her son, that some people like to wear makeup and some don't. And left it at that. The whole '... we're choosing not to raise you that way...' is a statement that the "6" year old doesn't understand. And if he one day decides he's gay, or an actor who wears makeup for a living on screen and or in the theatre, this woman is really going to have issues.

    Review of the study here. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/09/14/homophobic-people-often-have-psychological-issues.html

  69. Serina says:

    Really? You're way too overprotective. And very rude to homosexual people. I understand you're Christian or just a homophobe, but this article is unnecessary. After reading it I couldn't help but groan and roll my eyes. Keep your opinions to yourself. People are BORN that way, not raised that way. Do you think their parents sit there and say, "Son, you're gonna like boys! Girls are gross! You're gonna be gay!" No...So please, think about what you post.

  70. Leah says:

    I don't think the author Sarah will see this, but in case you do, I just wanted to send you some love! It saddens me that you would tell your son that it's sinful for men to wear make up, because perhaps one day your son will want to wear make up, but be afraid to talk to you or his father about it. Men wearing make up will be the least of your worries once your son gets older, and it really does not affect you in any way. I assume you are struggling with your own stuff right now, otherwise you wouldn't have been shaming a boy on TV for being the person he wants to be. I hope that you find whatever it is you are looking for, and that you teach your son about diversity and how important it is to be accepting and loving of others, no matter how they dress/look/love. Maybe it would be beneficial for you and your family to make some friends outside of your current group. Take a step back and look at yourself and how you are raising your child. I wish you well!

  71. Jenna Malone says:

    "Thank god we homeschool so we can shelter our child even longer and raise them think that equality is wrong"

  72. "Because he doesn't want to. But if he wanted to, well... he can't use mine, he will have to use his own!"
    Then we can get in the history of makeup, which up until modern times was worn by both men and women based on the fashion of the time. Kings and Pharaohs, Princesses, Princes, Courtesans alike. There were times when makeup was considered evil, but usually only in little cults. Even Popes and other clergy wore makeup based on the fashion of the time. It's making a comeback here, in the 21st Century.

    Why... Eddie Izzard wears makeup AND dresses and he's what most people would consider absolutely straight. Not that I am concerned about that. There was a time in the 90s and Aughts that men wore something called 'guyliner' and that was pretty fun. But cosmetics is a fun and interesting topic if you are interested. I mean they used to use actual LAMPBLACK to draw on eyebrows and that was back in the 40s!"

    There is so much more, the book "Facepaint" by Lisa Eldridge is a fun and fine book talking about the history of makeup, the ingredients used, the whens and why of the fashion trends. It is a fantastic education opportunity and sexuality doesn't even have to come into the conversation if you don't want it to.

    But you want to, so I'll just have to pick up some Maybelline to keep up. I am sure they won't miss a few lipstick tubes a year, from people who probably curse Jezebel.

  73. Tony says:

    *It is a mental illness. Even by definition. And the lgbt's are still supposed to be on the list of DSM's.

    *This has been written by the lgbt's to use the hours of tv the average American household uses as a "backdoor" or "Trojan Horse" to get this kind of stuff in your house. And btw, it was written in the 80s....

    *Those parents are not the ignorant ones either.

    *The lgbt's been wanted your kids. They got your kids, they got the future. Keep that in mind.

    * The "it is not a choice / your born that way" nonsense. I feel super sorry for you if you feel for that. Sexuality is a choice. YOUR choice. This is actually a hoax and was drawn out in the same agenda to use tv as a "backdoor" or "Trojan Horse".

    *This foolishness has to expand and there are forts or laws that have to fall in order to complete the gay agenda. Such as the fact, this parent has the right to homeschool. The laws have to ban that and teach this nonsense to our children in the public school system.

    *Christianity or any religion that does not accept that stuff will be outlawed/banned etc.. You should actually check out some of these gay manifestos. One actually mentioned if you do not "accept" that stuff to get rid of marriage all together smh.....

  74. Emma Deedrick says:

    It's incredible to me how much a single 30 second commercial, which is meant to be a good thing, can anger someone so much. The cover girl #lashequality campaign is something that is meant be inclusive and show in a positive light that gender is something that is specific to the individual and is going to be expressed differently.. it's not like that kid is gonna spend his whole life never going in public and seeing that not everyone is just like his parents and the people at his church. Not everything is black and white. I'm so sick of people trying to pass hatred and bigotry off as a family issue.

  75. STEVEN says:


  76. Abigail says:

    Yeah, thank god for homeschool alright. You wouldn't want you child to learn how to be accepting or anything. Lol.

  77. Tom says:

    Where are we going? And why are we in this handbasket?

  78. Jamie says:

    This lady needs to have her kids taken from her if she won't let them get a real education by people who are less ignorant.

  79. Cat says:

    1. Assignment of a specific gender at birth is not always accurate...they aren't checking chromosomes. 2. What verse from the Bible says being transgender is a sin? 3. Regardless, why does makeup have to have a gender assigned to it at all? In other cultures, men put some sort of paint on their face, and I doubt this woman would have a problem with that. Why is it a problem here? She's entitled to her opinion, but she did not explain it in a well-thought-out or logical way.

  80. Dina says:

    “Wearing makeup is sinful and wrong.” That didn’t take long before the writer pulled into downtown Stupid City. The best remarks of all are the most sensible. “Why is he wearing makeup?” “Because he likes to wear makeup.” Growing up, a woman who wore pants to the church my parents dragged me to would have been ostracized and probably would have been kicked out. Over attire. So, you folks spouting your religious reasons why boys with makeup = bad, you go ahead and think what you want but be assured that you will be stared at like the nut clusters that you are.

  81. April says:

    To those Christians who have been seriously effected by this post and this issue, my heart grieve with you over the brokenness, confusion and perversion that has permeated our world in this day—oh, how desperately we, as followers of Jesus, need to be lights shining in the darkness. Do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world (Phil. 2:14-15).

    I think that perhaps He is breaking our hearts for the condition of our nation, calling us to intercede personally for those caught in the bondages of sin, and asking us to lovingly and graciously reach out to those in our personal sphere of influence who may become confused and deceived in the days ahead.

    Either way, I have prayed for everyone who is conflicted to be bold and courageous as you weep for the darkness of our day and cry out to the only One who is able to turn darkness into light. It is God who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness (2 Corinthians 4:6).”

    Press on, dear friends, to shine the glorious, redemptive light of the gospel in an ever increasing dark and difficult day. Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s (2 Chronicles. 20:15).

    • Jessica says:

      Where in the Bible does it say wearing makeup is a sin again? Could you refresh me on that? Guess what other men wear make up? All of those televangelists that I'm sure you foam at the mouth over. All of the male Fox News correspondents that I'm sure you believe. Even our wretched president-elect wears make-up. So does that leave you conflicted too? Or is it the "type" of makeup that this sweet innocent boy is wearing that you disapprove of? Are you prejudging him, assuming you know his sexuality, because of this 60 second video? Shame on you.

  82. Kiz says:

    I think too much is being read into this. Its a person doing what they like. Why is that even an issue? I like make up, w of my daughters like make up, 1 doesn't. 1 of my sons likes makeup, the other doesn't. My husband likes makeup occasionally, my ex doesn't. No one is wrong. I really can't see the big deal.

  83. Kate burroughs says:

    How about this answer? Daddy doesn't wear makeup beca use he doesn't have a job that requires it. That boy is a model, and an actor in a TV commercial. If he didn't wear makeup under the lights and on camera he'd look like he was dead. All actors on stage, TV and in movies wear makeup. He's an actor, so he wears makeup. Daddy is a (fill in the job) and he doesn't have to.


  84. Karl says:

    The key issue here is not the makeup or the man but the poor child who is living a heavily censored, unsustainable, life. One day he will enter the "real" world and, oh my god, how will he manage? Well, he won't. He will likely be a bigoted hater regarding things he does not understand.

  85. Jessica says:

    By putting "To fear the worst" in your title you imply that seeing a boy in makeup would be the worst thing to ever happen to your son. I'd ask that you speak with a parent who's lost a child to terminal illness before you make that statement. You sound homophobic and sheltered. It's sad that you would be raising your son to think the same thing. Take this time to educate your child about differences and how all of God's children are beautiful. Maybe re-read Matthew 7:1 "Judge not lest ye be judged"

  86. Catherine says:

    I don't wear make up. Does that make me a man? My husband will be surprised to find that out.

    Seriously, kids ask questions. It's their first, most important job. If it's that easy to upset your beliefs, maybe your beliefs need challenging.

  87. StephanieF says:

    Wow. Pretty darn sure you have to be a white middle class family for THIS to be consider traumatic for your family. First of all, make up doesn't need to be just for girls. (hello?? Theatre?? Acting?? Uh, it's JUST makeup??) And also, you're kid is going to be in a world of hurt and stigma if you continue to shield him in these ways. (Cover the screen??? Really??) Good luck, you're making choices that are going to make your life really hard, and you're also risking losing your kid when he realizes you're misrepresenting the world and hiding life from him.

  88. Regina says:

    I think I would like to paraphrase Louis CK on this one:

    What is your problem? Nobody is allowed to be different because you don't want to talk to your ugly child for f*****' five minutes?


  89. Ashley says:

    Some boys wear makeup. Some don't. His parents raised him to be himself. That's called good parenting. If this is your biggest concern and you're homeschooling your kid so that he isn't exposed to this sort of "sin", he is going to have a lot of questions and issues later on. He may even *gasp* decide he wants to experiment himself. What would your reaction be then? You can't shelter your child forever, and I feel really, really bad for him. Get over yourself and your first world problems. People like you make me sick.

  90. Kasey says:

    So how do the parents explain to their child that their beloved Jesus had long hair and wore a dress, and hung out with 12 other dudes in dresses and long hair?????

  91. John Bryans Fontaine says:

    I am a die-hard Liberal Democrat, but I think that this Lashequality campaign is just another method by which corporations keep the public focused on irrelevant, boutique political issues instead of things that matter, such as Labor Unions, Workers, and programs like Social Security.