How To Find Tutoring For A Homeschool Student

Posted in Resources on October 9, 2016

How to find affordable tutoring for your homeschooler

Lots of homeschool parents want their children to get some type of 'supplemental' instruction. Having some type of additional feedback and engagement can ameliorate some of the common concerns about homeschooling. Supplemental instruction can come in many forms: co-ops, online tutoring, and in-person instruction. One of the most common ways to supplement your child's income Read More »

How To Find All The Homeschooling Resources You'll Ever Need With Google

Posted in Resources on October 7, 2016
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This post is about to unlock a lot of doors for some homeschoolers. No matter how long you've been homeschooling, you know that there are millions of resources out there. If you're interested in following along with another homeschool mom's life, there are thousands of homeschool mom blogs. If you're trying to get started, there Read More »

How to Start Your Own Homeschool Blog - Free Resources & Tutorial

Posted in Language Arts, Resources on October 6, 2016

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Blog Resources Homeschool parents love to write. Many of us already love to blog. If you don't blog and want to get started, this is the best place to start. If you are a seasoned blogger, you might learn something new. Some of you are here because you want your kid Read More »

The Best Resources For Special Needs Education

Posted in Resources on May 25, 2016

Special needs students usually thrive in a homeschool environment. Homeschooling and special needs go hand in hand because the freedom of homeschooling allows the parent to create a structure and program that works for their child's specific challenges and needs. This post will be updated with resources for homeschooling with special needs students. If you Read More »

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