HUGE SALE: Udemy Courses for Just $10!

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Just a quick alert for any homeschool families that enjoy online classes and online resources. Udemy is currently having a sale that ends on February 28th where their courses are only $10! There's really nothing to lose at that price.

The sale is visible if you use a link with the built-in promo code: BREAKTHRU.

This is definitely a deal worth sharing, so tell your homeschool friends on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Udemy courses span a huge variety of subjects and categories. If you're willing to take a moment and browse through their selection you will find some awesome courses for younger ages like:

  • Art - (Drawing for Kids and Watercolor Painting for Children)
  • Music - (Easy Piano for Kids and How to Play Djembe Drum)
  • Technology - (Learn Java for Kids, Kids Coding, APP programming for kids, Creating Video Games)
  • Fitness - (Martial Arts for Kids and Intro to Yoga for Kids)
  • Photography - (Digital Photography for Kids)
  • Cooking/Home Economics/Entrepreneurship - (Sewing for Kids, How to Be An Entrepreneur, Kids Cooking)

Plus a plethora of courses appropriate for high school ages and beyond. You might even find something you want to take ;).


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