Wildflowers of the Farm

wildflowers of the farm ebook

Almost all plants, including large trees, have flowers–they are flowering plants. Just a few plants have no flower; ferns have none, nor have the mosses and lichens which grow on walls and rocks and on the stems of trees. Fungi, too, such as the mushroom, have no flowers. Nearly all other plants have flowers. It is by the flower or blossom that a plant is reproduced. After the flower has faded comes the fruit and seed; the seed falls into the ground or is sown, and from it springs another plant. Without the flower there would be no seed.

A living book full of botany lessons

Wildflowers of the Farm - The Country-Side SeriesTake a few walks around an English countryside and discover all the beautiful flowers that produce new life! If you’ve never thought much about how prominent flowers are, you might be surprised that grass has flowers, and so do trees.

Creeping Thistle

I love the narrative of this book! You go from looking right out your back door for flowers on to the hayfield, cornfield, and down the country lanes. Each chapter could be read in an evening, and the illustrations (both color and line drawings) would be great to print out or reproduce in a notebook.

A very nice, short nature study book. Download Wildflowers of the Farm from gutenberg.org.

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