Egyptian Birds

Posted in Animals, Elementary, High School, Middle School, Nature Studies, Public Domain on November 15, 2014

Pliny declares that it was by watching the flight of birds in general, and of the Kite in particular, that men first conceived the idea of steering their boats and ships with a tail or rudder, for, says he, “these birds by the turning and steering by their tails showed in the air what was needful Read More »

Ebooks for a study on Turkeys and Poultry

Posted in Animals, Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain on November 1, 2014

You should never look at poultry and say, “Why, they are only Hens!” or “Why, they are only Ducks!” Quite likely when they look at you they may be thinking, “Why, they are only boys!” or “Why, they are only girls!” Yet if you are gentle and care for them, you and they will learn Read More »

Tracks and Tracking

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The footprints in the featured image are badger tracks! All good hunters, campers, and scouts know the tracks of common animals! This free ebook is written at an upper-elementary level and includes plenty of illustrations of tracks and the animals that make them. It is generally understood that a track means the imprint left on Read More »

Raggedy Ann Stories

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Who knows but that Fairyland is filled with old, lovable Rag Dolls—soft, loppy Rag Dolls who ride through all the wonders of Fairyland in the crook of dimpled arms, snuggling close to childish breasts within which beat hearts filled with eternal sunshine. Twelve Origional Raggedy Ann Stories I used to love Raggedy Ann stories as Read More »

The Children’s Book of Thanksgiving Stories

Posted in American History, Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Reading on October 3, 2014

A great collection of stories to share while learning about Thanksgiving! There are annotations showing which stories would suit younger and older children. A mix of fairy tale and historical, this collection even includes the story of the very first Thanksgiving day. Download The Children’s Book of Thanksgiving Stories from