Hawkins Electrical Guide, Number One

Hot off the e-book press from gutenberg.org, Hawkins Electrical Guide, Number One is an impressive compilation of electrical knowledge.

From the introduction:

This book, or “Guide,” is so called because it leads or points out the wayto the acquirement of a theoretical and practical knowledge of Electricity.

There are several guides, each covering in detail a certain phase of the broad subject of Electricity and leading the reader progressively, and in such a way, that he easily grasps, not only the simple fundamental facts, but the more complex problems, encountered in the study of Electricity. This is accomplished by the aid of a very large number of illustrations, together with specific explanations, worded in concise and simple language.

This first volume covers the following topics:

  • Static Electricity
  • The Electrical Current
  • Primary Cells
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Magnetism
  • Field Magnets
  • plus more!

There are lots of illustrations- all black and white.  They are perfect for clip art and printing to use in notebooking and lapbooking projects.

The question and answer style of the book makes this a great tool for older elementary kids wanting to learn about these subjects as well as high-schoolers who want a working knowledge of electricity.

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