Hawkins Electrical Guide, Volumes 3-9

Yesterday I shared a gem of electrical knowledge- Hawkins Electrical Guide, Number One.  I was intrigued by the book and wondered if the other books in the series were available.

I am pleased to say that I found volumes 3-9!  Volume 2 seems to mysteriously vanished since its publication in 1916.  If I happen to find it I will share it as well.


Download each of the volumes from archive.org:

  • Volume 3- wiring and wire are covered
  • Volume 4- alternating currents
  • Volume 5- transformers, converters
  • Volume 6 – switching devices, alternators
  • Volume 7 – continued topics from Volume 6
  • Volume 8- the telegraph, electrical lighting
  • Volume 9- electrical railways, gas engines

2 Responses to “Hawkins Electrical Guide, Volumes 3-9”

  1. Rick H. says:

    I understand that the Hawkins Electrical Guide series contains ten volumes. Do you have Volume 10 in a .pdf format? I have Volume 1-9 in .pdf, but am still looking for Volume 10.

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