History Books From Marion Lansing

Marion’s three most famous books are her episodic history readers:

Page, Esquire, and Knight

This book tells the stories of chivalry during the Middle Ages.

With its explanation of the meaning of the degrees of knighthood, its description of quests and tourneys, and its outline of the great events of chivalry, this volume will serve as a good introduction to the later reading of Arthurian and other romances, and of the history of Charlemagne’s wars and the crusades.  

-from the description at the Baldwin Project

Download Page, Esquire, and Knight from archive.org.

Barbarian And Noble

Stories of the Romans, Danes, Vikings, and other tribes.

Download Barbarian And Noble from archive.org.

Patriots and Tyrants

The purpose of this series is to relate this fascinating and heroic past to the present by telling the stories from the point of view of the contribution of the Middle Ages to the world of to-day.

Heroes, explorers, and kings are recounted in this book that covers the periods just after Charlemagne up to the Age of Exploration.

Download Patriots And Tyrants from archive.org.

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