9 Homemade Fidget Toys, Tricks, and Alternatives

Posted in Lifestyle on June 17, 2017

9 different do it yourself fidget toy ideas

What are fidget spinners and toys? Basically, a fidget toy is a pocket-sized device you can discreetly pull out and spin, twist, or otherwise manipulate. Proponents of fidget toys claim that they relieve stress and help students focus. Others say it simply distracts. Either way, they're fun, and, like "Brain Breaks," can provide a needed break Read More »

Bassinet vs. Crib

Posted in Lifestyle on June 6, 2017

Should I buy a crib or a bassinet?

I’ve encountered many soon-to-be parents who are a little confused about whether to buy a bassinet or a crib for their baby. Your child is going to spend a significant part of the day, about 16 hours or more, sleeping or resting while lying down on its bed! You obviously want only the best for Read More »

6 Most Popular Types of Summer Camps for Kids

Posted in Lifestyle on May 28, 2017

Summer camp kids

Summer is almost here! Whether you plan to continue homeschooling lessons or take a break and enjoy some time off, you may be looking for some fun, constructive activities for your kids. Summer camps provide the unique opportunity for your child to learn something new or explore a current interest, spend time outside, meet new Read More »

Best Pregnancy Pillows: How to Pick a Maternity Pillow

Posted in Lifestyle, Reviews on May 20, 2017

A woman with a maternity body pillow

Pregnancy is a blessed state, but also one that brings many changes to mom’s body. The outcome is the most wonderful thing in the world, but the process of getting to hold your baby (while being worth it) sometimes isn’t comfortable. Enter pregnancy pillow – a majestic invention that helps mommies rest and alleviates their Read More »

Simple Home Remedies for an Upset Stomach

Posted in Lifestyle on May 11, 2017

Home Remedies for an Upset Stomach

Even homeschoolers have “sick days.” What can you do when you or your student has an upset stomach? Nausea can often be an indicator of much more serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or gastritis. However, when it’s clear that the stomachache is as simple as carsickness, overeating, indigestion, gas pain, or stress, there are lots Read More »