Designing Your Day (for stay-at-home moms): What I learned after 6 years of trial and error

Posted in Lifestyle on April 23, 2017

Stay At Home Mom Design Your Day

It's taken me a long time to find balance in my days. I'm still a work in progress. I've been mothering as a stay-at-home mom for six and a half years now and have been successfully raising two strong boys. I've learned a lot along the way about balance, time, productivity, and rest. Most of Read More »

Building Brain Power Through Yoga Brain Training

Posted in Lifestyle on April 22, 2017

SuperBrain Yoga

Parents of children with disabilities are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage their children and improve upon the skills they already have. All development starts the same way, in the brain. The only way to increase brain development and gain important skills for life is by exercising it in a way your Read More »

Family Camping Essentials: The Ultimate Camping Supplies List

Posted in Lifestyle on April 20, 2017

Our annual family camping trip photo

Appreciating the Camping Experience Whatever kind of a camper you happen to be, you'll probably agree there's something to be said for the experience (if you don't enjoy camping, you probably just haven't found the right niche yet – I'm hoping this article will change that). Whether it's an intense, isolated, eye-opening wild camp beneath scintillating stars Read More »

Chores with Children Too Young For Chores

Posted in Lifestyle on April 16, 2017

“Many hands make light work” … unless they’re little hands. Then they seem to make MORE work. It can be tiring when they keep knocking down piles of folded laundry, or can’t hold a full dustpan upright to save their lives. Obviously, when they’re too little to read, let alone reach the upper cupboards, you Read More »

Trust Me, You Don’t Need a Baby Diaper Bag

Posted in Lifestyle on April 13, 2017

Diaper Bag on a dad

Today I want to expose a massive myth that is frequently bestowed upon new mothers – the elusive diaper bag that you absolutely must purchase for your newborn. There are lots of awesome looking diaper bags. Now, I do agree that most retailers have got this on point and have a beautiful selection of diaper Read More »